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Simpsons Superiority in Seeing the Future

One of the best things about the Simpsons on FX (apart from being followed by Archer) is the thematic runs they do as part of the “every episode” series. All of the music episodes together? Done. Every Lisa as the … Continue reading

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Prepping MPHnoise: War

War. Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong asked what it was good for. Bob Marley noted there is War in the east, War in the west, War up north, War down south, everywhere is war And, of course, the Exploited extolled … Continue reading

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Prepping MPHnoise: they said rap and metal would never mix, the great punk conspiracy, and more

The other day I posted about how I was going to friend one: You’d better have at least one Limp Bizkit song in there somewhere. Me: Nope. I capped the last songs mid-90s, like 1994 which actually eliminated a lot … Continue reading

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This is … us

I am told I shouldn’t watch Dan Fogelman’s “This Is Us” on NBC because it turns me into a tearing soppy mess. Granted, to be honest, I am a sap when it comes to a lot of filmed stuff. I … Continue reading

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quip: truck jumps shark

How I know food trucks have jumped the shark? the popcorn truck I’m sure they think they’ve “elevated” the experience and all … but fancy flavored popcorn is that holiday gift basket item that’s only one step removed from fruit … Continue reading

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The Hab-nots are at it again

When I’m not rooting for the Washington Capitals I am a Montreal Canadiens fan. The storied history of the franchise interests me in a similar way to following the Yankees and Arsenal FC. It didn’t hurt that they won a … Continue reading

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Stanley Crap playoffs are finally over

Even on a good day, I would likely have a difficult time celebrating a Penguins Stanley Cup win. But this year, yeah, frustrating beyond…. I am not a conspiracy theorist with sports. Full stop. Professional sports are entertainment – and … Continue reading

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