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Stars and Scars column intro

A long, long while ago I used to write on occasion for a number of print and online ‘zines. DIY publications that were labors of love more than commercial successes for everyone involved. My contributions were primarily an outlet for … Continue reading

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WFHWTF: Week Six

Technically, I worked from home to start and end the week, but the middle represented my transition back to being in the office full-time while my wife is home for the summer. There’s so many things that are strange in … Continue reading

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wfhwtf: week five

This week marks the end of the final full week of working from home with Padawan. It’s bittersweet in many ways. While I will enjoy the routine of being back at the office and the ability to focus on big … Continue reading

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wfhwtf: week four

This is week four of the continuing journey of working from home. Actually, it’s been more than four weeks total, but for this leg of the journey it’s the fouring consecutive week. You would think by four weeks in this … Continue reading

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WFHWTF: Week Three

Holy crap. We’re three weeks into this mission already? Time flies when you’re having fun! I’ve joked life is in 30 minute blocks when working from home while parenting alone. What I learned this week was there really is no … Continue reading

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Don’t be a douche

The entire convicted rapist Brock Turner situation really drives me bonkers. It’s the perfect intersection of white cisgender straight male privilege, sports privilege and the culture of holding top participants to a different social and legal standard, the protectionist attitude … Continue reading

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Padawan Playlist: Dadtime Vol.2

So the aural adventure continues and I am going to make the most feeble attempt at catalog the creative listening that happens while I’m working and Padawan is joining me Truth be told, I don’t preplan or manipulate our listening … Continue reading

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