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A Helpful Helper

You never know how much you really know until you can teach it to someone else. Or, alternatively, sometimes you don’t realize how much you take for granted until you need to explain it to someone else. Working as a … Continue reading

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A, B, Cs

As my Padawan continues to obtain a better grasp on language I continue to find myself revisiting a great many aspects of it I’d taken for granted over the years. The most recent perplexing one is the A, B, Cs. … Continue reading

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Woah, Woah, Woah

It is impossible to catalog all the fun and inspirational things the Padawan does or all the milestones they are achieving. I just don’t blog often enough any more which is a shame, as there’s probably about three readers that … Continue reading

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Chomp Chomp

Who is familiar with the a Capella moshcore ensemble Jud Jud? Now, who is familiar with the progressive swedish death ensemble Meshuggah? Finally, who is familiar with having to convince a toddler to chew their food? May, I introduce to … Continue reading

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Stars and Scars column intro

A long, long while ago I used to write on occasion for a number of print and online ‘zines. DIY publications that were labors of love more than commercial successes for everyone involved. My contributions were primarily an outlet for … Continue reading

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WFHWTF: Week Six

Technically, I worked from home to start and end the week, but the middle represented my transition back to being in the office full-time while my wife is home for the summer. There’s so many things that are strange in … Continue reading

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wfhwtf: week five

This week marks the end of the final full week of working from home with Padawan. It’s bittersweet in many ways. While I will enjoy the routine of being back at the office and the ability to focus on big … Continue reading

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