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They came for the Republicans

They came for the party of Abraham Lincoln. A party rooted in the “classical liberalism” of the time and the ideas of the likes of Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Adam Smith, Jean-Baptiste Say, Thomas Robert Malthus, David Ricardo and others. … Continue reading

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The real RINO

Modern Republicans are the real RINOs. They do not represent the traditional ideas of the Republican Party as it was founded in the early 1850s by the progressives, liberals and free thinking creative minds of that time. Lincoln would not … Continue reading

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Remember the Fallen

remember the fallen. ALL of the fallen who gave their lives serving this country. Those in all the branches of the Armed Forces as well as citizens, prospective citizens and others who are retained by interest of duty. It’s for … Continue reading

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May Day

For a country traditionally priding itself on hard work it never ceases to amaze me that the modern incarnation hates the workforce so much. As the United States moved from its colonial agrarian & trade economy into becoming an industrialized … Continue reading

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Moar gunz, more problems.

What does happen when a friendly fire incident occurs and an innocent student or fell staff member is injured or killed by a Gun Carrying Staff Member (GCSM)? Let’s face it, NYC released it’s Police Accuracy Report and showed they … Continue reading

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Supporting the First with a little Gen X era smarts

Someone posted an interesting meme that discusses how the different generations, beginning with Gen X, through the Millennial and into Gen Z, have embraced the modern era of exercising their First Amendment rights of Assembly, Petition and Free Speech. As … Continue reading

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I saw a couple of memes attributed to different economists and political operatives lately that talk about the most effective ways to engage in the #Resist movement. While most of it was pretty mundane stuff I decided to consolidate a … Continue reading

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