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Every year it’s the same thing. Eagles and flags superimposed on stock images of the twin towers and some kind of “never forget” reminder splashed everywhere. Sixteen years later, I don’t need a reminder never to forget. I haven’t forgotten. … Continue reading

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In defense of Aaron Judge.

Strikeouts are annoying. Balls put in play just feel better, even when a pop up or line drive results in an easy out. The strikeout just feels like the elimination of chance, robbing everyone of the possibility of a misplay … Continue reading

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End the False Equivalency, there is no “many sides” other than as a narrative of hate

It is time to put the false equivalency aside. First: There are NO “very fine people” from Unite the Right There are NO “very fine people” among the Nazis, nor among the KKK, nor among Neo-Confederates, nor among White Nationalists … Continue reading

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Breaking the Fruit Meme

Recently there was a meme floating around attempting to demonstrate that eating healthy is way to expensive. It contained an image of a fruit-heavy grocery store trip and a quip about how much the cost could have purchased at McDonalds … Continue reading

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Chomp Chomp

Who is familiar with the a Capella moshcore ensemble Jud Jud? Now, who is familiar with the progressive swedish death ensemble Meshuggah? Finally, who is familiar with having to convince a toddler to chew their food? May, I introduce to … Continue reading

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Simpsons Superiority in Seeing the Future

One of the best things about the Simpsons on FX (apart from being followed by Archer) is the thematic runs they do as part of the “every episode” series. All of the music episodes together? Done. Every Lisa as the … Continue reading

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Prepping MPHnoise: War

War. Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong asked what it was good for. Bob Marley noted there is War in the east, War in the west, War up north, War down south, everywhere is war And, of course, the Exploited extolled … Continue reading

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