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Debunking Huckester Huckabee’s hack of skateboarder deaths

It really hurts my brain to listen to conservative pundits like Mike Huckabee attempt to engage in social issue conversations. In the old days, conservatives and liberals generally agreed on the existence of problem but disagreed on the policy tactics … Continue reading

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Ovechkin Watch: the 2019-2020 season milestones

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals or not, this season if you are a hockey fan or have any respect for sports achievements you are going to want to watch what … Continue reading

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Not as unified as you thought

Today is September 12. It’ll be another 360-or-so days till everyone will remember to tell everyone else not to forget. Some of us are still remembering today. We’ll remember tomorrow. And, the next. And, the next. And, won’t need the … Continue reading

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Every year it feels a little different. Different memories are triggered. Different emotions bubble to the top. Different responses to the day occur. It doesn’t get easier. Or, better. Nor has it gotten more difficult. Or, worse. But, it is … Continue reading

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Capital Chaos: Roster Contribution

In the noon number discussion on Japer’s Rink revolved around roster contribution to scoring. The original post by Becca was a little vague in terms of understanding the relative contribution by Caps players to scoring as it compared to the … Continue reading

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Balls Voyage

There’s a good chance some readers are going to find this post a bit too much on the TMI scale. I’m giving you fair warning. Turn back now. There’s balls. Or, well there were… balls voyage. Honestly, never know how … Continue reading

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Capital Chaos: Contemplating the Caps Top Nine

There’s been several suggestions in the media lately about shifting the lines around for this season, NoVaCaps article by Harrison Brown is just the latest incarnation of it. I honestly think it’s a combination of summer doldrums filler writing to … Continue reading

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