About thedmouse

I am I. That’s all that i am. I am not a trained chef. I am a trained musician. I am not a trained writer. I am a trained marketer. I am not what I seem to be but I am what I am…a friend, a brother, a son, a nephew, a cousin and a character… I am doing this for fun. I’m just another guy with an opinion, some random ideas and access to a keyboard. I’m writing about me, not all of me, but some of me, the part I want you to know for now, through this venue in this way. It’s a way to catalog the goofy spam I receive. It’s a way to have a recipe box I don’t spill stuff on and ruin the handwritten cards containing all my experiments. It’s a way for me to be a music critic and a sports op-ed on my own terms doing it my own way. It’s a way to keep an open diary and catalog my random thoughts in including social observations, hiking and fishing tales, the news and my reactions to it, etc. It allows me to aggregate all my other writings… It includes writing I did for a plethora of sources through the years… These entries include all the material I’ve written (under wipo and usco rules) and are posted on or as close to the date created, within feasibility and reason. The opinions expressed gere are my own; they do not reflect the views of my employers, publishers, editors, or colleagues, with whom this blog is not affiliated.
This blog includes previously self-published and professional texts from other sites I maintained or oversaw on aol.hometown, livejournal, myspace, thesyn, facebook, amazon, etc. and migrated over to this format, as well as posts dedicated specifically to the platform both here an on other blogs I helped run. Perhaps, someday, I’ll get around to cataloging all my other contributions too (like quotes this piece on WSOU radio in the NY Times) The works here are unique in their own way. If you so choose to take offense to them, you do so at your own peril, they pose no intention other than that of existing. Should you risk having an opinion of your own, remember that it’s expression of any form is no different than mine and to hold my expression against me would be distastefully arrogant and highly reeking of an unnecessary double standard. If you want to know more about me, it’s around, you would just need to derive it from what’s out there… but since I’d like to make this somewhat easier, here’s a few quotes that might explain it. Or, of course, you could just ask… – Eric Peltier, the doormouse

A Penny for Your Thoughts, Or My Insights
c’mon show some damned respect please, if you borrow the words below, for cryin’ out loud credit me for them, don’t make me get all legal on yer ahz – i don’t steal your chewing gum from your mouth or take that last drag of your burning cigarette don’t take the hanging prose from my word bubble. haha

* Too much, we define our lives by the wrong things… fight for the sake of fighting and not for the right reasons, assuming there might be any in the first place… and regret failures we never defined as goals in the first place. ep thedmouse

* right before you give up is usually when you find your greatest ability to succeed ep thedmouse<br

* it's not what you think you want, it's what provides what you actually need in the depths of your soul that will truly satiate ep thedmouse

* “getting” it is as much the act philosophilcally as it is the acceptance emotionally ep thedmouse

* you cannot go back and fix the err of your past as you perceive it, all you can do is forge ahead anew – ep thedmouse

* Passion and aspiration tend to make it not as difficult as you are more likely to not see those as potential problems as much as positives – ep thedmouse

* I had but one wish and dream as a child, it was to fulfill in life what those I looked up to had, unfortunately as an adult in the granting of that wish I am realizing the reality of it included situations I did not intend to be a part of as well and dreams I never intended to be imparted upon me – ep thedmouse

* in baseball, there’s only three strikes, in life there are as many as you need till you are too embarrassed to keep swinging, apparently, i wasn’t embarrassed enough so i kept swining… – ep thedmouse

* the best of intentions are rarely immune to the inherent dexterity of the freewill of the intentions surrounding them – ep thedmouse

* Incomplete or missing answers are either a sign of stupidity or dishonestly…why else you would you not volunteer the complete and unabridged version if not to hide the truth, or be to inherently dumb to realize it – ep thedmouse

* If there is something positive to be derived from the insecurity of most humanity it is that it inspires the rest to aspire to greatness to get away from everyone else – ep thedmouse

* resolution is fate in its most undeniable form, no restitution, no retries, no returns… – ep thedmouse

* had things not worked out the way they had, would i really be here sitting talking to you or you talking to me? nope, and what a tragedy that would be, a life without one another, if only for the moment to remind you of this simple thought – ep thedmouse

* when life goes to seed, you simply resow for the next season – ep thedmouse

* when one chooses to lie they choose to see the world in an unreal way and then cast the shadow of their lie unto the world and expect it be accepted in a real way. When the shadow is inevitably lifted the lie shows forth and all they are left with is the glare from the light of the world around them.- ep thedmouse

* maturity is taking responsibility for ones actions. It means fully realizing the effect of ones actions on the world around them and being self-aware as to how it genuinely affects ones self. – ep thedmouse

* What was up, is down and yet gravity remains constant. What is real, is fake and yet faith remains constant. What is right, is wrong and yet truth remains constant. So, how are constants so inconsistent? Perception is reality and that which is perceived is only real in the eyes of the viewer. – ep the dmouse

* admitting you were wrong is more important than acquiring credit for when you were right. You learn more from the ascertainment of being incorrect from time to time. – ep thedmouse

* if people cared about the serious issues happening around them, they’d be scared shitless. Unfortunately, being oblivious only means you don’t see the pain coming, not that you don’t feel it once it hits you – ep thedmouse

* if you are looking for a good place to put that knife, I hear my heart provides a good sheeth – ep thedmouse

* If only the truth mattered at this point, then it would be worth professing, but why talk if there’s no one willing to listen – ep thedmouse

* there are no right or wrongs, just the choice you make and the circumstances that result from it – ep thedmouse

* no one every quits anything, it is just that sometimes they die before they have a chance to pick it back up again – ep thedmouse

*my life is neither early nor late, neither here nor there, neither near nor far… i know, my life must seem rather strange but it’s not a seam but a seem – ep thedmouse

* life is unpredictable, that’s the unsung part of it ultimately being enjoyable. if it wasn’t than there’d be no mystery, no intrigue and no anticipation, thus no surprises. and after all, as knowing meant you could brace for the pain, it would also temper the enjoyment and make for a pretty boring existence – ep thedmouse

* it might seem nice to think if only life had worked out different, but who’s to say if just that one moment you want back were any different you’d really be any better off? – ep thedmouse

* people only learn the lessons they choose to learn, none more and none less. if it worked any other way, then the whole world would be on a much easier path to perfection and we’d all get rather bored – ep thedmouse

* perception is reality. if you lack the self-confidence to embrace reality your perception will always be askew and vice versa – ep thedmouse

* the clouds roll in at their own rate the best we can do is prepare for them and hope for the best in living through them and either enjoy the rain or endure through it and look for the rainbow and the sunshine inevitable to the other side… – ep thedmouse

* it isn’t just about what imagining what life is with something or someone, it’s more understanding what life is really like without it that makes you appreciate what you have and what you truly need – ep thedmouse

* really, i just call things like i see them. i’ve seem some f’d up stuff so i call it f’d up sometimes – ep thedmouse

* i try not to get my hopes up because from there, they can only go down. I’m a realist because then, it’s equal distance between where i’ve been and where i want to go – ep thedmouse

* there’s more than meets the eye. of course, because if it were only about what you saw you’d miss so much else. – ep thedmouse

* The only reason people get lost in thought is because thinking is such unfamiliar territory for them – ep thedmouse

* eventually all walls are broken down, by time, by war, by manifest or by just being, there has never been an uninterpretable wall, as every empire comes to its end, every ideal is proven to have its weakness and every truism is challenged and destroyed… don’t place yourself as unapproachable or untouchable in that right, but reckon the situation with a cautious embrace and if you want to present a stark realism in as such then realize the shadow you cast might just be the dark one upon yourself that shields the light you need. – ep thedmouse

* it’s not about fear of something in its own right that stops someone. it’s the fear of the person letting go and letting something that might not seem pleasant in that is the real paranoia that disenfranchises people. – ep thedmouse

* no one can really damn you in the choices you make, for none but you have ever lived your life to make them. – ep thedmouse

* every black cloud of despair has to break… what do you see after? a seemingly clearing sky to step into or the distant cloud that may or may not become the next storm? the clear sky makes for the potential of a seemingly bright future but if you are so fixated on the distant cloud your fear of the past will hold fast to your future and undermine it. be not scared of the unknown, for what you should fear is not what you think you’ve experienced but rather what you’ve yet to…and no perceived cloud could possibly veil that – ep thedmouse

* you’re mourning the death of the relationship when you don’t believe it’s dead… that’s like trying to bury a person on life support who hasn’t quite croaked yet. If you’re gonna throw dirt on the casket and lament the passing, then accept it’s passed and begin the healing process, otherwise buck it up and get to surgery doc – ep thedmouse

* For the open-minded, adversity breeds opportunity – ep thedmouse

* part of the problem with people is they mistake the difference in definition between fact and truth. if they really understood either, they’d realize all they are really basing their principles on is opinion to begin with, usually, the unsubstantiated kind – ep thedmouse

* if you can’t find humor in little things, you’ll never figure out how to deal with big ones – ep thedmouse

* there is little in life that is coincidence. what it really is, is acknowledging those little elements of life that and accepting and embracing them as opportunity rather than routine or mundane. rarely is happenstance and chance much more than taking notice when typically you would not. – ep thedmouse

well, if you have grander dreams than they require somewhat grander schemes – ep thedmouse

* no task truly has a finite end, just a series of places that gradually add up to something we want to perceive as an end because we have no other choice but to want it to feel ended, like the last page of a book, but unfortunately, life isn’t bound by a lack of paper and ink – ep thedmouse

* There’s no good answer except we know what to expect, hence: quick, cheep and familiar. It’s a truly sad state of affairs when that’s what you gravitate to. – ep thedmouse

* we all want efforts to have a definitive effect, but that’s not how it works. things move like smoke in the wind, waves in an ocean, sands in a desert… and predicting them, manipulating them, guiding them is a monumental task… it goes beyond just understanding a whisp of air, a drop of water or a grain of sand… it defies the logic of an individual anything, it encompasses not only that which we associated but all those subtle things we don’t… and, that is why we fail to guess the movement of smoke, the undulation of a wave or the shifting of sands at first glance – ep thedmouse

YES – the pic in this blog is mine, so please, don’t steal it, it’s mine like these words. It’s of the Jersey shore at sunset.

want to explore other fun blogs… http://condron.us/ http://alphainventions.com/ http://wordpress.com are fun places to start.

8 Responses to About thedmouse

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

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  3. Our mutual friend DazyLady told me I should check you out. I’m glad she did.

  4. veronika says:

    My sister, Ginger, told me to check this out because I am a writer who is just starting to blog again, too! AMAZING work and you’ve inspired me to leave Blogger and go to Word Press! Keep you the good work!

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