WFH WTF – The Covid Files, Day 13: intensive crap utopia

Ah, “lucky 13”

While my padawan is what seems like mostly recovered and I’m feeling many times better than I was… my father landed himself in the intensive care unit. While the man has many a flaw he’s also the kind of guy that would give you the literal shirt off his back (I’ve seen him do it). He’s spend the better part of the last two weeks running around for friends and family who are unable to get out on their own due to health issues and make sure they are as stocked on supplies as they can be and taking care of whatever odds-and-ends anyone else needs just because he happens to be able to do it. Which, isn’t really that unique to this situation either. Seems like he’s always running around doing something for someone anyhow but considering the pervasiveness of the sars-cov-2 virus and with his age the complications that having Covid-19 could cause it’s hard not to look at his kindness and ask oneself when is doing some ending up being too much.

He’s been through a lot in life. Served in Nam as a Navy medic attached to a Marine Corp unit, put himself through college as part of the first generation of his family to even make it through high school, helped raise two kids though the Reagan era of crazy in the 80s, lost his older brother, mom and dad inside of a year of one another, and the list goes on as anyone who’s read the blog or listened to the radio show knows when I recount things he’s done with me like managing a tonne of band/music related stuff, swimming, scouting, fishing, photography, cooking, being a mechanic (teaching me how to drive and maintain my 1965 Mustang), appreciating scotch, and more. I’m 99% sure with all the calls being put out for medical professionals of any background to please come out and help he would have self-recruited to work through this if he could.

In some ways, he’s fortunate that whatever he has (because they still don’t have test results back from him from his initial hospitalization earlier in the week because testing is still too haphazard and still takes entirely too long to process) is happening now, early on, before the care system by him becomes too overwhelmed. I am trying to keep my spirits at least even keel during this in general so that’s the brightest side I can look at for now.

I ended up listening to a lot of mathcore and tech stuff. I’ve often joked that the more progressive and technical music is the more relaxing it is for me. It allows me to get out of my own mind and into the complexity of the music itself. Believe it or not the more spastic and chaotic it becomes, sometimes, the easier it is to get lost in too. I cannot remember who I was driving around, but once back in the day I was listening to some pretty aggressive stuff at a low volume in the background while in traffic and the person commented that the music would stress them out more than the traffic itself it were any louder. My retort was the only thing keeping me from being stressed out in this traffic is the music itself. Another time I was attending a music conference (MACROCK) in the shenandoah valley and the band The Dillinger Escape Plan was performing during one of the showcases. This would have been after the Under the Running Board EP
but before the release of Calculating Infinity though they might have already had some of Calculating in the set. It was my first time experiencing them live and it was a powerfully raw and excessively caustic experience which I described it to a friend at Relapse Records as, “This is soundtrack to what it feels like traveling route 9 down the Jersey Shore on a Friday evening in August with no AC, no beer, and no exit in sight.” Some derivation of that quote ended up in one of their press releases and I’ve seen many appropriations of it over the years by other writers and it’s as true each time it’s been rewritten as it was that first time I said it. Dillinger was the comforting chaos I needed then and it continues to be today. So, I listened to copious amounts of tDEP.

I continued that sentiment with

the Number 12 Looks Like You – Mongrel & Nuclear.Sad.Nuclear
Rolo Tomassi – Time will die and love will bury it
Norma Jean – Oh God the Aftermath
Converge – Jane Doe & When Forever Comes Crashing Down
Glass Casket – And we are gathered here today
Anomie – Discography and retrospective
a partial comp I had that included Botch, Cave In & East of the Wall

Lunchtime we jammed some Folly because the Jersey boys a) fit the bill for weird, spastic listening b) were one of the few bands of this style my dad kinda “gets” whatever that meant for him when he said it and c) they are fun as fuck which makes them great to watch the kids react to especially when the weird ska breakdowns kick in.

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