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Mixtape: the Most Evil Albums Ever, Monster Pumpkin Heaviness Allhallowtide edition

Completing the final installment of All Time Evil for MPH noise radio’s annual #MonsterPumpkinHeaviness. When I first set out to produce this year’s episode I originally intended it to be a simple one-off, “hey, here’s the most evil metal records, … Continue reading

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Ovi Watch: 669

Tonight’s four point game for Capitals Captain Alex Ovechkin was truly a Russian Machine type of Great 8 moment. All Situations Regular Season Goals (hockey reference stats) + 1 to tie Luc Robitaille for #12 All Time with 668 + … Continue reading

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Oh that pesky Social Security Meme

So, you think you’ve been paying into Social Security since you were 16 and now your benefits are going to be taken away from you by a bunch of politicians who don’t care about you. Interesting. Let’s see how much … Continue reading

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Setting Straight an Old Straight White Dude

Some person posting under the name Stefan Molyneux appearing to be a stereotype of a cis herto white male that claims to be so-called military veteran and conservative decided to try and tell women, in what’s not become a meme … Continue reading

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Correcting those Congressional Memes

Look, I’m not defending Congress. Or the President. Throughout Government there are a bunch of liars and crooks that seek to benefit themselves and their cronies more than they do the voting populous that elect them, the taxpayers they are … Continue reading

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Can you hear me, can you see me?

A few years back, around the point where my elder padawan began to really recognize things around them in terms of connecting sights and sounds I began watching television with closed captions on. I’d read something around then about how … Continue reading

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Capital Chaos: is backstrom a hall of famer

Here’s where Backy is at in terms of historical context. Realistically, no single stat is going to define him, but here’s how some of the top-line stats work out: Points Per Game Regular Season Currently #68 All Times NHL Regular … Continue reading

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