Metropolitan Peoples Hell 2019 edition of Mosh Pit Hell, the BNTNJW DirtyJerzCore Episode

#MetropolitanPeoplesHell 2019 edition of MPH happened tonight Sunday 7 July at 7PM USCDT on KAOS Radio Austin as we pay tribute to the Garden State in the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal, Punk and Hardcore.

Celebrate Be Nice to New Jersey Week with the annual DirtyJerzCore edition aptly titled #MetropolitanPeoplesHell and experience the one man diner mosh by new releases from Nights of Malice (Ocean County), Framework Nj (Woodbridge), Old Wounds (Middlesex), Mercy Union (JCNJ), East of the Wall (Gunnison Beach), Binary Code (North Bergen), Thank You Scientist (Montclair) as well as classic Jersey jams from the likes of New Brunswick’s Fit for An Autopsy, Dystrophy, Fortheloveof, Deadguy, My Chemical Romance and Thursday, JCNJ’s Apocrophex and Orchid, plus Zakk Wylde (Jackson), the Banner (Bloomfield), Scary Stories (Denville), the Bouncing Souls (Basking Ridge), Senses Fail (River Vale), the Number 12 Looks Like You (Fairlawn), Policy of 3 and more.

As you learn the value of NJ’s epic contributions to music past and present in America you’ll learn how to support the next generation to create the future of music through Verona, NJ based

New Jersey is my adoptive home. It’s where I grew up, not just physically but musically as well and my relationship to the likes of Edison, Les Paul, David Sarnoff is only trumped by my interest in and love of the likes of Springsteen & Van Zant & the E Street Band, Jon & Richie & Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Lauryn hill & Wyclef & the Fugees, Ice T, Queen Latiffa, Patti Smith, Sinatra, Basie, Bennett, Cozy Cole, Al di Meola, Bill Evans, Joe Pass, John Pizzareli, Sara Vaughn, Rory Black, Paul Simon and countless others including the Dillinger Escape Plan, Burnt by the Sun, Luddite Clone, Dischordance Axis, God Forbid, Dim Mak, Cognative, Strychnia, Folly, Lifetime, Ensign, the Misfits, Toothgrinder, Ripping Corpse, Overkill and many, many more.

Diving into this year’s show the new East of the Wall set the tone. It’s fucking genius and I don’t know how I ever overlooked it. From there it was getting acquainted with new Binary Code, another band I’ve enjoyed for a long time as was surprisingly behind on their latest work, an atmospheric endeavor that challenges everything you thought you knew about them. That led into Thank You Scientist, a band which I am woefully under-exposed to and don’t possess nearly enough of and their latest, another emotional showdown in the vein of Coheed and Cambria that’ll leave your cranium churning. Meanwhile I was feeling very much in a dirty rock mood and revisted Zakk, who despite all his success is still one of Jersey’s best kept secrets…and the Bouncing Souls who despite not getting nearly enough spins on the show are one of the top plays this time of year from my personal listening year in and year out. While I was revisiting good ol’ listenings it brought back classic Thursday and My Chem and the #12 a great reminder of my time working with Eyeball Records back in the day.

Zakk Wylde “Bored to Tears” Sonic Brew

Nights of Malice “a Myraid of Misfortunes” Sonnets of Ruin (2019)
Fit for an Aytopsy “the Travelers” Hellbound
Apocrophex “Sovereign Symbol AEternalis
Dystrophy “Demise” Wretched Host
Framework NJ “No Sacred Ground is Left to Burn” NSG EP (2019)

Old Wounds “Stripes” Glow (2019)
Fortheloveof “In Concequence” IC (cue :11, note fade in)
Deadguy “Angry Dwarf” Screamin with the Deadguy Quintet
the Banner “a Hellbound Heart” Frality
Scary Stories “Rope” Rope

Mercy Union “Chips & Vics” the Quarry (2019)
the Bouncing Souls “Gasoline” Ghosts on the Boardwalk
My Chemical Romance “Famous Last Words” the Black Parade
Senses Fail “Glass” Renacer
Thursday “Cross out the Eyes” Full Collapse

East of the Wall “Leinholder” NP Complete (2019)
the Number 12 Looks Like You “Jaywalking Backwards” Mongrel
Orchid “…and the Cat Tuned to Smoke” Dance Tonight, Revolution Tomorrow
Policy of 3 “Danielle Day” Anthology (cue :05)
Binary Code “Absolute Nothing” Memento Mori (2019)

Thank You Scientist “Terraformer” Terraformer (2019)

July 7 at 1900 USCT using the player here on the site, try Tune In to listen with a mobile app.
Pick up the podcasts archived at mphnoiseradio.podomatic.comor the archived stream after the broadcast at
Follow along with the show and keep up with the metal, punk and hardcore all week long using @MPHnoise on your favorite social network and don’t forget to support the station with @KAOSATXoffical, the only official handle for #KAOSradioAustin, where it doesn’t have to make sense.

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