Moshing Poindexters Heroes 2019 edition of Mosh Pit Hell, the Einstein & Oxford Episode

#MoshingPoindextersHeroes 2019 edition of MPH happened Sunday 30 June at 7PM USCDT on KAOS Radio Austin as we pay tribute to the scientific landmarks of the day by Einstein and at Oxford University in the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal, Punk and Hardcore.

The Nerdcore of #MoshingPoindextersHeroes celebrates the 1905 publication of On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies and the 1860 Evolution Debate with new cranium melting cuts by East of the Wall, Fractal Universe, the Biscuit Merchant, Inferi, Legion of the Damned, Dream Theater as well as classic brain busters by Between the Buried and Me, Borknagar, Obscura, Divinity, Vektor, Black Crown Initiate, Unfear, Byzantine, Division by Zero, Fates Warning, Perc3ption, In the Woods… and more.

As you learn about the scientific achievements of the past you’ll also find out how to support the next generation of achievements with a wonderful STEM organization empowering women.

What I love about programming a show like this is not only how great the Music, Philanthropy and History come together but just how much fun it is. Since I stopped trying to push out 45-50 shows a year it’s given my sense of excitement about certain show themes room to grow and provided me with more time to sink down the rabbit hole for each episode. There’s so much tangental research I had to leave out putting together the second break for the show, for example, about the different people’s lives and their own influences and achievements outside of their participation in the Oxford debate and how the other papers published by Einstein in that series affected science.

Beyond that, there’s the music. I love nerdcore. Prog. Technical Death Metal. Tech & Mathcore. Djent. You name it. If it exploits composition and challenges your mind along time or key or lyrics or whatever. East of the Wall’s new one was mostly lost in the shuffle of things this year till I pulled it out and fell in love with it a few weeks back coming into this episode. It’s beautifully brutal stuff, one of the most complete thoughts in a catalog of some pretty expressive stuff already. the Biscuit Merchant I discovered while researching a previous episode and I absolutely adore them and their old school meets new approach to being both prog and death. The new Inferi is the best thing I’ve heard in that vein since Divinity’s double EP concept records a few years back, which of course, meant revisiting that too. The Dream Theater as you already know from recent spins is a heavy prog epic and the best things they’ve done in years, especially exploiting their heavier side. While the new Fractal Universe is an over-the-top indulgence in a culmination of all their previous experiments. And, then there’s revisiting Vektor who are both criminally underrated and don’t get nearly enough spins on the show either as well as Unfear who are atop my current listening pile quite often lately.

East of the Wall “Tell Them I’m Sorry” NP-Complete (2019) (cue :15 to have bleed with intro, 5:20 creates hard ending)

Fractal Universe “Rising Oblivion” Rhizomes of Insanity (2019) (cue :02)
Between the Bury and Me “Astral Body” (4:44)
Borknagar “Universal” the Archaine Curse
The Biscuit Merchant “Illusions of Innocence” Ongaku (2019) (watch points)

Inferi “a New Breed of Savior” the End of an Era (2019) (long fade intro)
Obscura “Universe Momentum” Cosmogenesis
Divinity “Momentum” the Immortalist
Vektor “Dying World” Outer Isolatin

Legion of the Damned “Charnel Confession” Slaves of the Shadow Realm (2019) (cue :02)
Black Crown Initiate “Withering Waves” Wreckage of the Stars (5:35)
Unfear “Blinded by Rage” Chronicles of a Broken Dream
Byzantine “Forged in the Heart of a Dying Star” Byzantine

Dream Theater “Pale Blue Dot” Distance Over Time (2019) (cue 1:06)
Division by Zero “Glass Face” Independent Harmony
Fates Warning “Face the Fear” Inside Out
Perc3ption “Nonexistence” Reason and Faith

In the Woods… “Cloud Seeder” Cease the Day (good fade ending into outro)

June 30 at 1900 USCT using the player on the site, try Tune In to listen with a mobile app.
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