Makin Pops Happy 2019 edition of Mosh Pit Hell, the father’s day episode Episode

#MakinPopsHappy 2019 edition of MPH happens tonight Sunday 16 June at 7PM USCDT on KAOS Radio Austin as we honor Father’s Day with the Mosh Pit Hell of Metal, Punk and Hardcore.

Celebrate three generations of metalheads from grandpa, to dad to my own padawan sharing music together with #MakinPopsHappy as we explore together new tracks by Dream Theater, Soilwork, Death Angel, Bad Religion as well as newer Rolo Tomassi, Kreator, Testament, Angel Dust, Ignite, Pennywise, Scar Symmetry, Fates Warning, Appearance of Nothing, the Great Dischord, more iconic songs from Iron Maiden, Dark Tranquility, Forbidden , Boysetsfire, Rise Against, Darkane, Nightrage and more

As you learn that there are about 152 million adult males in the United States. Of these, 70.1 million are fathers and of those there are 2 million single fathers, while almost 1 million are stay at home fathers in a two parent household. 1.5 million fathers are in prison while another half a million are serving in the military away from their family. There’s an estimated 600 thousand plus male couple households, which is double the 2010 census count. Meanwhile 24 million children in America, or 1 out of every 3, live in homes without a father or other permanent male figure…and so on. The facts and figures go on by the plight of the father figure and male role model is that it is in desperate need of support in many different ways.

My relationship with my dad has become infinitely complex over the years. For better or worse, or whatever the fuck it is now, it is what it is. His influence in my youth, before the chaos, was undeniable. My grandfather was brilliant in that role as well. Since I became a dad, honestly, I’ve been a lot on my own but my Padawan have guided me. They have their own sections of the site and experiences on the show with My Padawan Headbang. At this point, though, the original homage to my dad and his influence on music for me has morphed into a multi-generational musical experience as I attempt to self-define as a dad. I’m torn changing the original incarnation of the show but I know moving forward this is probably the right thing to do.

Iron Maiden is the band that made me metal. It’s a band I introduced my dad and my padawan to and a sonic pallet that we all continue to share. The opening prog set with DT and Fates harkens back to my dad while bridging the new generation as I intro them to the complexities of both bands as well as the new offerings. One set begins with Soilwork, a band I self-define to and introduced to both generations. It leads a good balance of ideas from thrash and prog and traditional metal in crossing a bunch of sub genres as a sonic transition. Next more classic thrash with a neomodern tilt

Iron Maiden “Iron Maiden” Live After Death (cue :02, end 4:12 hard stop)

Dream Theater “Unteathered Angel” Distance Over Time (2019) (watch fade)
Fates Warning “Like Stars our Eyes Have Seen” Theories of Flight
Appearance of Nothing “Wasted Time” WT
the Great Dischord “Deus ex Homie” Duende

Soilwork “When the Universe Spoke” Verkligheten (2019) (end 5:14)
Scar Symmetry “the Spiritual Timeshift” The Singularity: Phase I – Neohumanity
Darkane “Demonic Art” DA
Dark Tranquility “White Noise, Black Silence” Damage Done (watch hard ending
Nightrage “Desperate Vows” the Puritian (long outro fade out, end 4:00)

Death Angel “Humancide” Humancide (2019)
Kreator “Totalitarian Terror” Gods of Violence
Testament “Rise Up” Dark Roots of Earth
Forbidden “Adapt or Die” Omega Wave
Angel Dust “Border of Reality” BOR

Bad Religion “Old Regime” Age of Unreason (2019) (fade intro)
Rise Against “Blood Red White and Blue” Revolutions Per Minute
Pennywise “Fight Till You Die” Full Circle (cue :02)
Ignite “Nothing Can Stop Me” A War Against You
Boysetsfire “Rookie” After the Eulogy (watch long fade outro)

Rolo Tomassi “the Hollow Hour” Time Will Die and love will bury it (watch ending)

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