10 “all-time” “impact” “albums” Day 1: “Sing Sing Sing” 78rpm single

I was challenged by my Bill Humphrey to post 10 albums that really made an impact on me. I happily accept. I have been asked to only include the cover with no explanation (sorry Bill, you know that’ll never happen) and to nominate someone.

> I did a similar exercise to this last year (https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/category/entertainment/music/tops-all-time/) and had to really think about what I wanted to delve into as “impact on me” because there’s so many ways it can be interpreted. By impact in this case I think I’m going to explore the stuff that impacted me as a percussionist and thus helps shape my musical perceptions.

Day 1: “Sing, Sing, Sing” by Louis Prima, arranged by Jimmy Mundy, performed by Benny Goodman featuring Gene Krupa.

Gene was raw and bombastic yet performed with a finesse and innovative style that defined not only swing era drumming but continues to influence drummers today. From the first time I heard the tom intro on vinyl as a child I was sold. It was probably one of the first drum parts I tried to learn by ear, tried to transcribe, tried to craft my own versions of and still to this day is among the first things I mention to people when I talk about being a drummer – hence why it is where this journey will begin. After all: It was balls to include the drummer as a soloist at the time. It was balls to have that soloist begin the song. It was balls to allow that soloist to solo for so long that the recording takes up two sides of a 78rpm. And, it was so beautiful. One of the single greatest 8:39 of any era of music as well as being one of the all-time classic drum solos that cast the way one perceives drums in a new light. Well, it certainly did for me, anyway. And, yes, I am well aware that this is a single song and not an album — at the time albums didn’t really exist the way we perceive them today and an extended play single like this was a musical excursion in the way one might ingest a concept record today.

Today I nominate Jessica Rymarz who probably needs a distraction like this

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