What I hope for the Skywalker arc

BTW is it weird if I hope the title is in reference to kylo ren

Not weird. That would be a great way to thwart expectations. After mulling the trailer over and doing some reading, I hope it’s about Kylo and not Rey. Because if it’s Rey, I’m now feeling SUPER curmudgeon-ly. Involving Palpatine

I thought about it like this … the premise of the franchise is redemption. Characters routinely fail themselves and those around them and then make a heroic comeback to undo the catastrophe they were a part of.

Anakin – probably the longest arc thus far, the prequils describe the fall of the original Skywalker that occurs in ep III and the redemption is his killing of the Emperor in ep VI.

Han Solo – Walks out on Luke and the Rebels only to come back and destroy the Death Star in IV. Walks out on Leah to come back and help destroy the Death Star in VII. I don’t know his origin story in the Solo movie but I get the impression it’s similar .

Kenobi – Fails as a Jedi to guide Anakin through his Padawan learnership and blames it on himself. His redemption is several parts including successfully hiding Leah, watching over Luke and successfully setting up his training, sacrificing himself in the fight with Vader which plants the seed of Vader’s good side, and learning how to become the first Force Ghost the movies introduce.

Lando – Betrays Solo only to help rescue him and successfully mans the bridge of the Falcon. Appears to walk away from the successful Rebellion only to come back and replace Solo yet again on the bridge of the Falcon.

Yoda – While we all want to believe it was infallible, Yoda was unable to “see” Palpatine to begin with or the fall of Anakin, redeemed himself by being able to help produce the rise of Luke an the destruction of the Emperor. The death of Yoda is cast as “age” but it’s also the weight of his mistakes being lifted in Luke coming of age.

Luke – He felt he failed as a Jedi to train a new order and appears to start the redemption in that he “comes out of hiding” and assists Rey in her training and helps defeat the First Order in the last movie.

And for Kylo – we know for a fact he IS a Skywalker because of his bloodline through Leah. We know for a fact he has a deep seeded connection to the Anakin-Vader development arc. We know he has Solo’s tendencies as well. We saw his “fall” in killing his own father. We know he has a “good side” in some of his inexplainable behaviors and it’s bee as poorly developed as Vader’s was until the last minute. We know that there’s a Sith Lord to be defeated and that the last few Sith have exclusively been killed by a Skywalker.

This last thought, of Kylo being the Skywalker in question, would be awesome because it ties so much of the existing story lines together, and provides an opportunity for the franchise to bring a bunch of redemption stories full circle especially if they find a way for Skywalker to change the mind of a Solo for one last time so to speak and a Vader type of character to defeat the ultimate evil.

I mean, after all, if you think about good guys kill the unkillable enemy followed by the bad guys win in an anticlimactic kind of WTF moment the franchise is due for that kind of swing, again.

Honestly, I like Rey, and I am infinitely sad that they will make her a Skywalker. If I had to guess the best we could assume to get her lineage to being a Skywalker — Shmi Skywalker’s bloodline is the core bloodline as a matriarch and somewhere back in that bloodline there’s a fork that produced Rey. Or, that Shmi Skywalker had more than one child, either born before, or after Anekin. Or, that the root of the so-called Skywalker bloodline wasn’t from a spontaneous mitichlorian impregnation but from someplace else in which case that alternative bloodline could have branches that Rey comes from. Or, less likely, that Anakin had relations with more than just Padme Amidala, or that Leah had some relations other than with Solo, or that Luke had some relations at all that we haven’t heard about thus far. Or, worst of all, that the cloning that produced Boba as well as the Clone Army from Jengo Fett was somehow used on some version of the Skywalker bloodline where a rouge version of it somehow produced Rey. None of these make me happy and the worst part is I can think of even worse — like somehow one of the Hutts managed to unleash her bloodline.

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