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10 “all-time” “impact” “albums” Day 1: “Sing Sing Sing” 78rpm single

I was challenged by my Bill Humphrey to post 10 albums that really made an impact on me. I happily accept. I have been asked to only include the cover with no explanation (sorry Bill, you know that’ll never happen) … Continue reading

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What I hope for the Skywalker arc

BTW is it weird if I hope the title is in reference to kylo ren Not weird. That would be a great way to thwart expectations. After mulling the trailer over and doing some reading, I hope it’s about Kylo … Continue reading

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Ovechkin watch: the great 8’s great 8

THE GREAT EIGHT — This is the reason why I love hockey as an adult. This is part of why my older Padawan enjoys the idea of hockey and I guess why the younger one doesn’t throw a fit when … Continue reading

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