12 years ago

Apparently, 12 years ago this month I officially registered this account with WordPress.

If 2006 seems pretty late in the grander scheme of my compiling my thoughts on line to have set up a WordPress account, well, you’re correct.

If you have not read the “about me” or some of the old posts that touch on this take the time to browse.

It’s important to remember as an aside, Gen-Xers were officially the first internet and mobile generation. But, I will concede, we only had those opportunities because boomers allowed us access. A bunch of Boomers decided in the 80s to give Xers all kinds of foundation technology like Atari, Commodore, and Intellivision, among other lesser names as entertainment systems. They provided us with Apple and IBM machines in elementary schools and introduced us to Logo and Basic programming languages. They showed us what the first broadly distributed mobile phones and pagers looked like through their jobs. They brought home from work the first desktop computers and made us focus on using programs that supposedly had educational purposes.

As a tangent, my first memories were working with Apple IIe’s in a NJ elementary school and using Intellivision’s many plug in gadgets to help the system bridge Atari’s pure video gaming and Commodore’s early entry into personal computing thanks to my uncle who worked in telco at the time and I’d still like to think saw the importance to our exposure even if initially my parents didn’t. Don’t worry, when my mom caught on she found all the not-fun cartridges to force education into it. I still have Word Hunt nightmares.

My first attempt at creating a home for my work was probably on the original VAX system at my alma mater in the mid-90s. Through the campus VAX systems I began an email list that cataloged the goings on of the campus freeform AM radio station WSAM. To archive those emails I moved them to a text site originating on the campus servers. Parallel, I’d had my aol.com personal email address for a few years and through that they were just beginning to make web hosting available at the time and using my very crude, rudimentary skills I remember trying to hack together an archive of the emails as well.

Right around this same time GeoCities really began to gain traction and I set up an account to try and take the text based emails I was sending beyond just being archived into representing something of a music ‘zine. Trust me when I say what I produced originally was bad. And, had no visitors. The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, but even attempting to hack together a music zine based on college programming and personal musing was probably ahead of its time.

GeoCities was an unstable, unprofessional minefield of Gen-X rebellion. Everything it should have been. Enter hometown.aol.com – the result of baby boomers trying to market to themselves and still not necessarily trusting of Gen Xers as we matured.

In hindsight, I’m not going to complain. AOL provided something much better suited for what I wanted to accomplish next online – creating a site that would anchor the early part of my career. I put my first official resume along with copies of the station and student news paper archive on it among other things. To tell you how early an idea this was, I had to carry reformatted paper copies of the website in a binder to interviews because some of the people I was talking to had no idea what a personal website was. Of all the WTF stories I have from my early career interviews this is the one that I look back on and think to myself how much I didn’t realize how my reaction to people dictated my career path. I was super fortunate to end up at a technology forward company for its time and if they know it or not, I was for them a technology forward employee at a time when the term didn’t even exist.

Hometown.aol.com for me existed next to the company website archives, which also sat next to Live Journal and MySpace and so on into the early 2000s. My original approach was to bare the safe parts of my soul along side of the more marketable parts of my intellect. So, most of what I posted were personal opinions about music and the music business along with select personal anecdotes. I knew all too well then how things could be misconstrued so I tried to maintain the same online persona as I did among my industry comrades and continuing education students.

27 May 2003 the original framework for WordPress was founded as a fork off the old b2/cafelog setup. It wasn’t until mid-2004 the version of what most of us know now would become WordPress actually became formalized. And not long after my first test accounts went up for work and fun.

For whatever reason I didn’t produce the blog you know now until 2006. There are older, more established, more prolific, more visited blogs from that era. But not many. There are even fewer examples like mine that exist for no other reason than as a personal diary. A recollection of who I’ve been online since I began online.

If you look back there are entries dating to 1998-1999 as I was able to reproduce them. So much stuff was basically in only two places, a local floppy drive and on whatever the hosting service was. And, as disks failed and drives went out of fad, and early cloud services changed their hosting on whims, a lot of stuff was lost, potentially forever. Things I have hard copies of if I ever get the time I’ll reproduce them to be posted as an archive but who knows when that might happen.

In the mean time, the last 12 years of undulating writing and posting has provided a pretty deep look at what my world looks like extending well beyond the music and business the blog was originally founded on to the inner workings of my soul if and when I felt like baring them. It’s gone through insights into where I hike, what I cook and eat, what I interpret of my daily life as a commuter, as a father, as a human. It talks about my interest in history, philanthropy and music as well as random things I collect like spam poetry and really bad wordplay and sarcasm.

So, hooray for me! It’s been twelve years! or twenty years! depending on your count maybe even more. Nonetheless it’s some anniversary, for some reason, so get reading!

About thedoormouse

I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny: https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/about-thedmouse/
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