MPHnoise: Makin’ Pops Happy, the Father’s Day episode

This weekend is Father’s Day and once again we are going to be #MakinPopsHappy on KAOS Radio Austin as a celebration of all things dadcore. The annual @MPHnoise affair continues now in its sixth year with even more inspiration and influence from the dad’s in our lives.

Traditionally, the show has focused on the musical relationship between my dad and I. As we’ve covered before, he was an influence on my love of jazz, of metal, of blues, of percussion and so much more. He used to joke the only instrument he could tune was the radio, but, at that he was excellent. I experienced a diversity of music through his records, reel-to-reels and of course tuning of the radio. Now, I am passing that same experience on to my two Padawan. They get their own headbanging show each year earlier in the year during #MyPadawanHeadbangs and of course we cover the music that influences me personally during #MousePresentsHeavy, but it’s inevitable that some of that bleeds into this since Papa, and Mouse, and the Padawan all experience music together.

#MakinPopsHappy 2018 celebrates fatherhood with another listen to sounds my dad and I share with new a track by Judas Priest, of course. Classic metal was where it all began, after all. But we also will hear new cuts by other bands we share a mutual interest in, be them classic thrashers like Kreator and At the Gates who are still bringing the heavy to more modern cuts by In Vein and the Great Divide.

We will go into the archives and resurrect the recurrent mosh of Savatage, Merciful Fate, Dream Theater, Slayer, Sepultura and Iron Maiden, all of whom we’ve been listening to together for decades before fast forwarding into the melodic aggression of Nightrage, Dark Tranquility, Miseration, Mors Principium Est, Soilwork, Centinex and Dew-scented. You see, my old man can bring the mosh. He might not always understand what is going on but those soaring guitars, searing double bass runs and crazy solos are more than enough to engage his sense and ward off the effects of old age.

Unique to this year’s show is a slight detour into French & Canadian music reflective of our heritage. It’s more recent that I’ve made an effort to introduce my dad to the sounds that typically make up the #MarchesPourlHonneur and #MaplePoutineHockey episodes and he seems to really have taken a shine to certain sonic elements of their sounds so this week will feature Amanda Woodard, Grade, Branson Hollis, White Lung, Anomie, Alexisonfire and more.

During the show you’ll learn about my relationship with music through my dad and how it now influences my Padawan while also learning how to support Dads and other father figures through So get your dadcore dadmosh on and dance it on up dadstyle.

PS, If you’ve missed past episodes of #MakinPopsHappy you can pick up the stream on or for a limited time only you can get the downloadable show at or I hope you will tune in to Sunday night.

In Vain “Soul Adventurer” Currents (2018)

Judas Priest “Firepower” Firepower (2018)
Savatage “24 Hours Ago” Hall of the Mountain King (clip intro)
Merciful Fate “Curse of the Pharos” Return of the Vampire
Dream Theatre “Caught in a Web” Awake
Iron Maiden “Wickerman” Brave New World

At the Gates “To Drink from the Night Itself” (2018)
Nightrage “Delirium of the Fallen” Insidious
Dark Tranquility “What Only You Know” Construct
Miseration “Perfection Destroyed” Your Demons, Their Angels
Mors Principium Est “Masquerade” Embers of a Dying Word
Soilwork “the Flameout” Natural Born Chaos

Kreator “Totalitarian Terror” Gods of Violence (2018)
Slayer “Spirit in Black” Seasons in the Abyss
Centinex “C1 VOA The Destroyer” World Declenation
Dew Scented “Arise from Decay” Invocation
Sepultura “Propaganda” Chaos AD

the Great Divide “Anyone, Evermore” Linger Over, linger on (2018)
Amanda Woodard “Est un Con” La Decadence
Branson Hollis “Singularity” the Unexpected Way of Things
Grade “Conceputalizing Theory in Motion” Separate the Magnates
Anomie “Enchainees” Demos ’94 (watch fade in intro, soft bass)
White Lung “546 kids” It’s the Evil (watch posts)

Alexisonfire “Accidents” Watch out!

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