The real RINO

Modern Republicans are the real RINOs. They do not represent the traditional ideas of the Republican Party as it was founded in the early 1850s by the progressives, liberals and free thinking creative minds of that time.

Lincoln would not recognize the modern Republican party and the modern Republicans would not have accepted him. More likely modern Republicans would have aligned with the Know Nothing party of Lincoln’s time.

T. Roosevelt Jr. might recognize elements the modern Republican party however the modern Republicans would not have accepted him. He recognized shifts in the party even back then by his successor Taft to a more “conservative” approach to politics and eventually created and ran on the Progressive (“Bull Moose”) Party ticket at one point.

General Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower would likely recognize the modern Republican party but the modern Republicans would not have accepted him. He was a true moderate conservative who continued New Deal agencies despite disagreeing with the Dewey era progressives while maintaining many of the post-Taft concepts of the emerging conservatism. Ike’s ultimate mistake was backing Goldwater’s extremism in the name of party over country even if the party was not what it once represented.

Nelson Rockefeller would definitely recognize the modern Republican party but the modern Republicans would not have accepted him. He stared down the Goldwater movement toward these tendencies and spoke outwardly against it. He was the last of the Lincoln inspired GOP as he still supported much of the New Deal and some liberal concepts while believing social issues were not necessarily political took a moderate stance. Rockefeller’s ultimate mistake was backing Goldwater’s extremism in the name of party over country.

At this point the great shift happened.

The Democratic Party leadership post-Dewey embraced the Civil Rights, Women’s Lib, Pro-New, New Deal era creating the Dixicrat Split, where Conservative Democrats, including those who previously were part of organizations such as the KKK, the American Nazi Party, would abandon affiliation to either become tentative Republican supporters, go underground or attempt third parties.

It’s important to remember, at this point, that the ideas of pro-workers rights which were, in part, also foundations of the United States itself as it battled serfdom, colonialism and later indentured servitude, and slavery, and still later a multitude of so called -isms are fundamentally being embraced by the conservative aspects of the party longing for the ‘good old days’ when things were ‘much simpler’ because those in charge could hammer their will and those who had no rights would otherwise acquiesce in that they had no other choice .

It’s also important to note that the propaganda of the time illdefined socialism, communism, Marxism, Leninism, progressive liberalism, and more while also misrepresenting post-war Hilter, Stalin and other dictatorial regimes that are neither aligned to traditional American political spectrum or representative of the ideas they actually exist in.

Thus the Goldwater era of politricking began. Chances are many modern Republicans would be indifferent to, or supportive of, the Goldwater era which also helped popularize the Libertarian idealism and established dog-whistle politics to entice those in the Dixicrat split who might support a more conservative mindset while leveraging an “anti-left” approach which would be popularized by. Honestly, Goldwater wanted to win so bad, he’d probably become Trump, but chances are the shitbags of Trumpism now wouldn’t like Goldwater in principle.

Prescott Bush, the head of the Bush clan that would eventually take the presidency, gain notoriety during thBue Goldwater era and his family ends up taking those early rightist ideas Goldwater set forth to their logical extremes, blowing event Taft’s Republican Party out of the water. Funny enough, the Bushes are oft- considered RINO despite their far-right approach by the current Trump Republican Party. There’s no way the modern Republican party embraces Prescott considering how they treat his clan.

Nixon leveraged the so-called Southern Strategy established the so-called Modern Republican Party Dominance. Funny enough, the Nixon would be considered weak for stepping down within their far-right approach by the current Trump Republican Party. Even without his personal faults, his definition of the Party would likely be criticized heavily if not treated slightly less as bad as the legacy of Presott Bush.

Reagan is the so-called modern Republican. He was a manipulative, conniving movie star that used the convenience of post-Goldwater stragegies to embrace conservative ideas despite his back-and-forth moderate leadership as a governor. He perpetuated the American idea of selling weapons for social vices that dates back to, well, the colonial era and then let one of his generals take the fall for one of the biggest scams while simultaneously actively undermining his own party legacy in undoing actions as recent as Ike’s and the Rockefeller’s as old as Lincoln’s in the name of Goldwater racism, sexism, classism and so on. Then again, the way Reagan posed it and his approach to national unity would make him a RINO in today’s GOP. There’s more than enough clips of people quoting the Gipper to modern conservatives that makes their blood boil…

Gingrich took the Goldwater approach to it’s logical scorched earth extreme. It didn’t just burn Democrats and Independents for supposedly being left, liberal, progressive, but even being moderate or so-called “blue dog” democrat or independent, but created the boiler plate for the RINO idea of ideologizing political affiliation with belief tests. In the years following leading into the Bush II’s second term the idea of benchmarking extremism in the party became the standard where the foundation for the super extreme right-purifying-the-right factions of the Tea Party, the Freedom Caucus, the Alt-Right, and so on are able to manipulate and bend the GOP further and further to the shitbaggery it’s become today which leverages fear, hatred and other divisional extremisms.

Yeah, there’s no way to even begin defining what being Republican really meas other than, if you can fathom, the father of RINO is actually a RINO to the Trumpkins, Trump “fans” and other Trump supporters and other extremist factions of the modern GOP umbrella.

So, when you say, you’re supporting the Republican Party, exactly what do you mean?? Tell me and be honest. Is how the party is behaving today really representative of what you want for your future and the future of the country founded in 1776 on the so called ideas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the land of the free and home of the brave?

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