Remember the Fallen

remember the fallen.

ALL of the fallen who gave their lives serving this country. Those in all the branches of the Armed Forces as well as citizens, prospective citizens and others who are retained by interest of duty. It’s for those who were not only active military who fell but all of the support staff and backline and others that gave all so the US military can function who sacrificed their life. It’s for the allies who fell with us. It’s for the families of all who have lost their lives so the US can maintain it’s freedom, it’s Constitution, it’s existence. Don’t forget that it includes everyone that sacrifices, not just the ones with white skin, not just the ones with US birth certificates, not just those with a gun on the front line. It is everyone who fell in defending our freedom and sacrificed their lives in defense of our values. Show the respect that citizens and non-citizens alike deserve, that LGBTQ and straight alike deserve, that transgender and female and male alike deserve, that Blacks and Latinos and other ethnicities as well as Whites deserve, that Muslims and atheists and other religions as well as Christians deserve, that liberals and progressives as well as Republican Conservatives deserve, it’s for the chef and the nurse and the mechanic others who make the military machine as well as for those on the front line of the battle field that each and every member of our fighting forces and support staffs regardless of what category they fall in to deserve.

Be respectful of the sacrifice the fallen gave. Don’t steal their holiday to placate others.
It is not a day for Veterans. They have a day for that in November.
It is not a day for active personnel. They have a day for that earlier in May.
It is not a day for Prisoners of War or those still Missing in Action. They have a day for remembrance. That is in September
It is not a day to celebrate our Independence. That is in July.
It is not the day to celebrate the founding of a nation through the ratifying of the Constitution. That’s in September.
It isn’t to say that Vets, Active Duty Personnel, Declarations of Independence or Ratifying of Constitutions aren’t important but they are different days for a reason.

And remember, we don’t get to pick and chose who we want to remember of those who died. Show respect for all who gave their lives or you do a disservice to who we are as a nation and the sacrifice each has made. There is not one dead who is more important than another when laying down one’s life for the betterment of all.


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