10 “all-time” “favorite” “albums” BonDay twelve: Tears for Fears

“All time” “favorite” “albums” BONUS!!!!! Day 12: Tears for Fears

Bonus days because Tom Novak might be sad if I stopped posting to his wall and because the original 10 was the more rebellious side while these are records represent the balance of my listening in my youth when I was first developing my own sense of musical enlightenment and buying my first full length cassettes and LPs and finding out who I was an a young adult and still influence me today as a “old man” (yeah, Tom, I said it).

Today, I nominate : Ryan John because it should be fun to see what he posts IF he participates

Day 12: Tears for Fears — the Hurting — Woah, this much doom and gloom was considered pop music?

It was the 80s and while there was a light-hearted sense of sugary MTV glam pouring over some of the music the Reagan decade was engorged in a sense of faux-apocalyptic gloom that hung over it like a stench from the fallout of the 70s. TFF were one of pop music’s stark contrasts of the time utilizing lushly decadent orchestrations borrowing from post-punk synth resulting in something like doom-and-gloom dance of a goth tinge. I wouldn’t’ve appreciated a description like that back then though, but the underpinnings of what that meant were part of my attraction.

I actually go the Hurting on cassette closer to the time Big Chair was released as I already knew the radio tracks “Suffer the Children” “Pale Shelter, ” “Mad World,” “Change,” and the title track so it was almost like buying a greatest hits before the second string of singles came out. As a kid I only had so much allowance and so many holiday lists to accumulate music with. I listened to it non-stop into early high school and then TFF along with a number of other bands from that era got put on the listening back burner for more than a decade. Fast forward to the mid-2000s and, of all things, an ear worm of the title track actually slowly got me back into listening again. I appreciate TFF for much different reasons now than my youthful self probably did but it stands as one of the bridges from where I began to where I am and thus more than deserves this spot.

Bonuses recapped
Day 11: Bruce Springsteen — Born in the USA — We learned more from a three minute record than we ever learned in school
The Original Ten, recapped:
Day 10: Public Enemy — It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back — Armageddon had been in effect, go get a late pass and a copy of this record. seriously.
Day 9: Queensryche — Empire — Just asking, for a friend, Anybody listening? this was my bridge into and out of, or out of and back into prog
Day 8: Metallica — …And Justice For All… — The Harvester of sorrow draws the shortest straw to be blackened, in the eye of the beholder you see the frayed ends of sanity so that and justice for all is to live is to die on dyers eve.
Day 7: Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill – Now, here’s a little story I’d like to tell about a record my parents didn’t like so well.
Day 6: Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet – I’m from fuckin’ Jersey bitch, what else did you expect was going to be here for an 80s kid?
Day 5: Faith No More – the Real Thing – it did so much, including confuse people, even me, at the time.
Day 4: Primus – Sailing the Seas of Cheese – because as a nerdy music dork this is like the soundtrack of adolescence, both real and revised
Day 3: Run DMC – Raising Hell – Peter piper picked a pepper but my parents picked this as being a passing phase, it wasn’t.
Day 2: Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger – the band and album that guided me into the 90s
Day 1: Iron Maiden – Somewhere in time – the band that “made me metal” (and the song “Wasted Years” even more specifically)

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