10 “All time” “favorite” “albums” Day Eight: Metallica

10 days because Tom Novak likes to headbang and this is for that

“all time” “favorite” and “albums” could mean anything, so I’ll give it specific meaning here — there were albums that came out growing up, that I found back then and still listen to now.

I hope they inspire conversation because I love talking about music. I hope they inspire you to listen too, and if you want more beyond the 10 tune into MPH noise radio. I totally know half the people I nominate won’t participate but that’s part of the game so I’ll do it anyhow.

Today, I nominate : Dave Ehrlich because today is metallica and metallica make me think of Dave

Day 8: Metallica — …And Justice For All… — The Harvester of sorrow draws the shortest straw to be blackened, in the eye of the beholder you see the frayed ends of sanity so that and justice for all is to live is to die on dyers eve.

If I were to rank Metallica albums in-and-of themselves, this would probably rank around third behind Puppets and Lightening but in a close three-way race with Kill ’em All and the Black Album. It is here because its release in 1988 coincides with my newfound love of them and the broader world of thrash and speed metal, in part through the video for “One” which was a visceral experience. I would quickly go back and ingest their older works along with that of Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament and Slayer among others from the American lineage. It is also here because among the early concerts I went to with my dad, Metallica’s Justice is on the list and to my surprise at the show he probably knew as many of the words as I knew.

Looking back, the production is flat and boring (and yet, not the epitome of shit for the era or even for their catalog), the composition is, at times, extremely redundant (they really set the boring bar pretty high) and it really speaks to how actually weak of a follow up to Puppets that it could be pushed out of the top five ‘Tallica records of all time after a good drunken argument with one’s self. Nonetheless, despite all this, contextually, it easily makes this list because adolescent me and modern me still crave certain songs with unabashed love.

Day 7: Beastie Boys – Licensed to Ill – Now, here’s a little story I’d like to tell about a record my parents didn’t like so well.
Day 6: Bon Jovi – Slippery When Wet – I’m from fuckin’ Jersey bitch, what else did you expect was going to be here for an 80s kid?
Day 5: Faith No More – the Real Thing – it did so much, including confuse people, even me, at the time.
Day 4: Primus – Sailing the Seas of Cheese – because as a nerdy music dork this is like the soundtrack of adolescence, both real and revised
Day 3: Run DMC – Raising Hell – Peter piper picked a pepper but my parents picked this as being a passing phase, it wasn’t.
Day 2: Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger – the band and album that guided me into the 90s
Day 1: Iron Maiden – Somewhere in time – the band that “made me metal” (and the song “Wasted Years” even more specifically)

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