MPHnoise radio: My Padawan Headbangs 2018

Recently, my second Padawan was born and my first moved securely into the terrible twos. This week’s show is a reminder to how much they influence me musically as much as I try and influence them.

This week on KAOS Radio Austin we visit for the third time #MyPadawanHeadbangs as a musical tribute to my younglings, my learners, my offspring’s musical journey as it relates to metal, punk & hardcore.

Personally, I am especially happy that at such a young age there’s at least some tolerance to the extreme nature of many of the heavy genres. The distortion, the screaming, the pounding rhythms could be a turn off — and yet, they are not so far. I’m sure there are people at the ready to call CPS on me for playing Slayer for my padawan as there are probably parents whispering to themselves, “wait, you haven’t played the first Impaled Nazarene for them yet?” I don’t much care about either. We listen to metal, punk and hardcore next to folk, country, jazz, “classical,” opera, hip hop, art-noise and pop in this house. Not good enough for you? oh, too fuckin’ bad 😉

For the show, it’s the first year I could actually really use cues from Padawan to program and for at least part of the broadcast they’ll be involved with headphones to listen in too. The criteria are pretty simple a) Pensive listening b) physical excitement, such as “dancing” c) singing along or parroting back lyrics / melodies after the fact or d) asked for “again” when listening. It turns out the little fucker has some pretty diverse and intriguing taste in music. I mean, apart from BeatBo. Our NFP for the week is Little Kids Rock, but more on that later.

Show kicks off with the very first heavy band Padawan did something resembling headbaning to – AC/DC. The title track from the Razors Edge makes it here because it is, no joke, one of the most fun things to watch the full body bang that goes along with it. From there we also hit up classics from Irons Maiden, Queensryche, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi and Skid Row as well as a brand new Judas Priest track we’ve been enjoying in the car to and from day care.

We go to one of my fave “genres” next with a trip down the MeloDeath memory land and the likes of Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Tranquility that are topped off with brand new The Crown. If there was ever a definition of pensive listening it is the new record.

From there we move into a mishmosh of punk and hardcore. While classic Killswitch Engage wraps up the last set… a blistering new new Of Mice and Men track kicks things off to bridge the aggressively melodic end of things . A few favorites shared from my wife’s listening with Padawan include A Whilhelm Scream, Rise Against and AFI while the set also includes more woah woah woahs with Misfits, plus Therapy? and of course, the Bouncing Souls…

Wrapping things up we have a weird amalgamation of harder edged rock that includes the more progressive end of Soundgarden, Faith No More and Primus balanced with the more rockable approach of Sevendust, Fireflight and In This Moment. That is before we close out with the immortal, Clutch. Gone Cold was the first song Padawan consistently parroted the lyrics to, because why not, it’s an easy chorus and in the dead of winter and easy one probably to relate to.

So be sure to tune in this Sunday on KAOS Radio Austin
7pm USCDT /

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AC/DC “the Razor’s Edge” RTE

Judas Priest “Rising from the Ruins” Firepower (2018)
Iron Maiden “Aces High” Powerslave
Def Leppard “Sattelite” On Through the Night
Bon Jovi “Let it Rock” Slippery When Wet (cue :57)
Skid Row “Youth Gone Wild” SR

the Crown “We Avenge” Cobra Speed Venom (2018)
Soilwork “Follow the Hollow” NBC (cue :07)
Dark Tranquility “Monochromatic Stains” Damage Done
In Flames “Pinball Map” Clayman
Killswitch Engage “he End of Heartache” TEOH

Of Mice & Men “Instincts” Defy (2018)
A Wilhelm Scream “Less Bright Eyes, More Diecide” Ruiner
Rise Against “Voices off Camera” Revolutions Per Minute
Therapy? “Screamanger” Hats off to the Insane
AFI “Girls Not Grey” Sing the Sorrow
Misfits “Hatebreeders” Walk Among Us
the Bouncing Souls “Here We Go” Maniacal Laughter

Soundgarden “My Wave” Superunknown
Sevendust “Headtrip” Home
Volbeat “Fallen” Beyond Heaven, Above Heaven
Faith No More “A Small Victory” Angel Dust
Primus “My Name is Mud” Pork Soda

Clutch “Gone Cold” Earth Rocker


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