Ovechkin watch: 49

Washington Capitals winger and Captain Alexander Mikhailovich Ovechkin secured his 7th Rocket Richard award as the league’s leading scorer with 49 Goals this regular season. The Russian Machine scored two last night but couldn’t quite muster the hat trick to hit 50 despite something like 17 shot attempts.

This ties the Great 8 with Bobby Hull for number of times a player has led the league in goals for a season, while becoming the first to lead in goals outright seven times: Bobby Hull and Esposito did it six times with Hull’s seventh being split as a tie.

How elite is the company Ovi finds himself in? As a reminder, this season:

Entered the top 10 for shots on goal with a league leading 355 shots this season to reach 4896, 8th All Time, passing Andreychuk, Esposito, Yzerman, Sakic, Iginla, and Brett Hull. This was the 54th player season with 335 or more shots goals, Ovi has reach this mark 10 times to lead the league historically (doubling the next closet player). He has led the league in a single season more than any other player in history.

Entered the top 20 for Goals, with a League Leading 49 goals this season to reach 609, 19th All Time, Lafleur, Modano, Nieuwendyk, Sundin, Bossy, Recchi and Kurri. Become the fourth player to score 600 goals in less than 1000 games. This was the 207th player season with 49 or more goals, Ovi has reach this mark 8 times, 2nd to only Gretzky and Bossy have done 9 each. 49 is 11.4% more than Patrik Laine’s second-place 44. This marks the sixth time he has finished with more than a 10% margin, which leads the NHL historically. And, as noted above he’s led the league 8 times which is tied for the most all time. 0.605 Goals Per Game maintains #6 all time.

Entered the top 20 for Even Strength Goals, with 32 goals this season to reach 374, 20th All Time, passing Trottier, Hosssa, Francis, McDonald, Marleau, Goulet, Andreychuk, Recchi, Perault and Sundin. This was the 237th player season with 32 or more even strength goals, Ovi has reach this mark 4 times, tied for 15th all time.

Entered the top 10 for power play goals, with 17 goals this season to reach 229, 10th All time, passing Tkachuk, Nieuwendyk, Gartner and Jagr. This was the 281th player season with 17 or more power play goals, Ovi has reach this mark 8 times to lead the league historically.

Entered the top 10 for game winning goals, with 7 goals this season to reach 102, 7th All Time passing Sundin, Lafleur, Bobby Hull and Iginla. This was the 401th player season with 7 or more game winning goals, Ovi has reach this mark 8 times, tying the lead league with Bossy and Esposito.

Entered the top 15 for most hat-tricks, with 4 this season reached 20, 14th All Time, passing Ciccarelli, Bondra, Howe, Messier, while tying Bure and Sittler.

Become the all-time leader for overtime game winning goals, passing Jagr.

Entered the top 150 for Assists, with 38 this season to reach 515, 137th All time passing Stumpel, Hamerlik, Amonte, Pit Martin, Mahovlich, Ray Ferraro, James Patrick, Kinden, Craven, Lindros, Lozlov, Carlyle, Marc Savard, Boldirev, McDonald, Proposal, Tonelli, Tocchet, Tomas and Goring. 0.513 Assist Per Game is tied for 142nd all time (tied with Saku Koivu)

Entered the Top 60 for Points, with 87 this season to reach 1122, 59th All Time, passing Bobby Smith, Henri Richard, Potvin, Mullen, Verbeek, Whitney, Tkachuk, Taylor, Fleury, Anderson, Mahovlich, Sittler and maintaining a lead over Crosby and the Sendin twins. 1.119 Points per game is tied for 19th all time (with Denis Savard)

Only 7 players have won the same individual award * at least 7-times
Wayne Gretzky : 10 Art Ross and 9 Hart
Bobby Orr : 8 Norris
Doug Harvey : 7 Norris
Nicklas Lidstrom : 7 Norris
Jacques Plante : 7 Vezina
Alex Ovechkin : 7 Rocket Richard *
(if the award existed, obviously, this would be a tie with Hull and the total would be 8 players)

(source Hockey-Reference)


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