10 “all-time” “favorite” “albums” Day Five: Faith No More

10 days because Tom Novak tagged me and I want these to keep showing up on his timeline.

“all time” “favorite” and “albums” means what exactly? Oh, in this case, it’s the full lengths that originate from the years of my youth and continue to influence me today in some way.

I hope they inspire conversation because I love talking about music. I hope they inspire you to listen too, and if you want more beyond the 10 tune into MPH noise radio. I totally know half the people I nominate won’t participate but that’s part of the game so I’ll do it anyhow.

Today, I nominate : Andrea Pisani because I’m curious what ends up on the list after our conversations in Hang the DJ

Day 5: Faith No More – the Real Thing – it did so much, including confuse people, including me.

Was it Rock? Alternative? Metal? Punk? Rap? Funk?

Did it help birth Alt-Rock? Nu-metal? Rap-metal? Noise-art? Or some other hybrid?

Are we judging it based on the rap-metl single “Epic?” Or, the early use of vocal hybridization during “Surprise, You’re Dead?” Or, the prog-art of “Woodpeckers” and the title track? Or the nu-metal tinged approach of singles “From Out of Nowhere” or “Falling to Pieces” or the throwback Sabbath cover of “War Pigs” etc?

If you aren’t sure, that’s ok. The debates are still happening today. They’re now going on three decades old for the 1989 release and the agreement level is less now than it was even in the early 90s when the impact was explicitly felt

Day 4: Primus – Sailing the Seas of Cheese – because as a nerdy music dork this is like the soundtrack of adolescence, both real and revised
Day 3: Run DMC – Raising Hell – Peter piper picked a pepper but my parents picked this as being a passing phase, it wasn’t.
Day 2: Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger – the band and album that guided me into the 90s
Day 1: Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time – the album that “made me metal”


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