Ovechkin watch: 1000

The Great 8, Washington Capitals captain Alexander Ovechkin played his 1,000 game last night, in the team’s win over the rival Pittsburgh Penguins and Sidney Crosby.

The Russian Machine is the first player in Caps history to reach 1,000 regular season games with the franchise and is tied for 320 for all time regular season games played. the 2004 No. 1 pick will be the first player from that draft class to reach the mark, the next closest is Andrew Ladd who is 85 games away. In missing only 29 games in his career of a possible 1,028 he is also among the fastest in history to reach the 1,000 game threshold, reaching it in only his 13th season despite multiple work stoppages during his career. Ovi joins Seabrook, Stajan, Hamhuis, Brown, Gáborík, Vermette and Nash to reach the milestone this season. All of these players began their careers before Ovi hit the NHL ice.

In his 1,000 career regular season NHL games he has amassed:

4879 Shots on Goal, 8th All Time.
4.879 Shots Per Game, All time leader

603 Goals, 19th All time
0.603 Goals Per game, 6th all time

372 Even Strength Goals, 21st All Time
227 Power Play Goals, 10th All Time
101 Game Winning Goals, T7th All Time
22 Overtime Game Winners, All Time leader
20 Hat tricks, T14th All Time

515 Assists, 135th All Time
0.515 Assists per game, 139th All Time

1118 Points, 60th All Time
1.18 Points per game, T20th All Time

1475 Goals On Ice For, 100th All Time

466.15 Goals Created, 42nd All time
0.446 Goals Created Per Game, 15th All Time

And adjusting for era via Hockey Reference
686 Adjusted Goals, 7th All time
1247 Adjusted Points, 34th All time


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