WFHWTF: Week One with the new Youngling

I love my Padawan. Both of them.

I love family. All of them.


Week one work from home with our new Youngling makes me wonder if I love anyone. Myself included. I mean the F definitely is Fuck.

I am a creature of habit. I like routine. I crave it.

It’s not that I dislike change. I don’t like it per se, but I acknowledge it is inevitable and what makes it tolerable is the possibility, or rather inevidabilty that routines will stabalize.

What makes week one so challenging is trying to find that stability.

And, lets face it — it’s not the new youngling that makes that restabalization a challenge. Little ones basically only do three things 1) feed 2) relieve themselves and 3) sleep. It’s a somewhat predictable pattern that occurs on a somewhat predictable schedule in most cases, including, fortunately, ours so far.

Nor is much of it the elder padawan who is two. The so-called terrible twos are predominantly a challenge because younglings lack the communication skills to effectively express themselves. This usually manifests itself in trying to get what they want or don’t want at the most simple level but emotional expression at a higher level then simple eat and play desires is being developed. Furthermore, the youngling’s pushing of boundaries in an effort to gain their first degree of independence is simultaneously occurring. Some elements of this have been observed in our elder Padawan since the 18 month mark so much of what the rest of the visiting family is experiencing is actually old hat for us.

But here inlies the challenge of working from home this week.

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