10 “all-time” “favorite” “albums” Day Two: Soundgarden

10 “all-time” “favorite” “albums” DAY TWO: Soundgarden

10 days because Tom Novak thought it would be a good distraction to compare musical tastes

“all time” “favorite” and “albums” are shitty qualifiers so let me help frame this — it’s the (heavier) stuff I grew up, helped mold my musical wit and that I still listen to regularly today

I hope they inspire conversation because I love talking about music. I hope they inspire you to listen too, and if you want more beyond the 10 tune into MPH noise radio. I totally know half the people I nominate won’t participate but that’s part of the game so I’ll do it anyhow.

Today, I nominate : John Sia Jr just because he’s got good taste in music too
Day 1: Iron Maiden – Somewhere in Time – the album that “made me metal”
Day 2: Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger – the band and album that guided me into the 90s


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