Asinine Earworms: Shout it all out

If you’re starting to get the sense there might be a recurring theme to some of the earworms you might be right. The Padawan definitely contributes to them getting “stuck” for much longer than they might otherwise be bothersome.

In this case, it really isn’t that I dislike the song or anything. It’s more that one should only have to relisten to it so many times in a row before being able to tune into something else. And, yet, here I am, suck with it realizing great songs don’t always make great ear worms.

For a change of pace I think I actually know where this one originates. My music library is tagged up all sorts of ways — year, record label, producer, city of origin, song guests, related bands, and so on and so forth. I was actually trying to look up other stuff and seeing Tears for Fears references pop up I think triggered my brain to pull the song out of storage.

In the middle of the night I woke up and there was “Shout” off of 1985’s Songs from the Big Chair on loop. Unexpectedly, it was actually the instrumental loop that was stuck in my head, not the song’s chorus initially. It’s catchy as hell and while I sat awake I just kept slowing it down and imaging how I could rephrase it using the percussion equipment in my basement.

The song remained on endless repeat in my head during the quieter parts of my commute into work, and at lunch, and working on spread sheets that afternoon and then again trying to fall asleep. Repeat the next day and now it’s time to actually listen to the song.

So, while driving with Padawan I put it on in the car. I’m not calling it a mistake, but it might not have been the best idea. As mentioned otherwise, we’re at a point where they are in parrot mode and that chorus is really simple to parrot. So, when the song ended and they were still half singling-half shouting, “Shout” “Shout” “Shout out” I had to put the track back on again. And the next day on again.

Needless to say, that only reenforced the earworm that kept borrowing back in my head at night. Took almost a week to overcome!

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