I saw a couple of memes attributed to different economists and political operatives lately that talk about the most effective ways to engage in the #Resist movement. While most of it was pretty mundane stuff I decided to consolidate a few points that I found more interesting just for posterity sake.

1) Don’t refer to President Donald Trump the individual. Rather, refer to him as Republican President Trump or the Republican White House or the Republican Administration.

Trumps is the standard bearer, for better or worse, of the Republican Party. He carried their party affiliation through the primaries, the general election and into office. He and his actions represent the platform of the party as a whole. And they will certainly want to take credit for anything he accomplishes so do not allow them to separate themselves from his failures. It is on you to ensure Republicans and Trump are one in the same.

2) Focus on policy. He is quite a caricature of himself sometimes but under no circumstances should you allow that to become part of the conversation.

The other side has spend years cultivating a conversation to degrade and leveraged the low-brow insults like Libtards and Cucks, or refer to Hillary Clinton as Killary and Barach Obama as Obummer, or use racists and sexist memes to slander others. However, these are school yard antics that have no place intellectual conversations. Don’t engage with it. Ignore it.

Rather, there’s plenty of policy ideas that can be explored, debated and leveraged as strengths against the Republican Party. Taxes, Health Care, Labor Rights, Women’s Rights, Minority Rights, Immigrant Rights, Education, Transportation and Infrastructure, the Arts and Humanities, Voting, the Economy and Trade, Unions, as well as applications of the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the 10th Amendment, the 14th and so on. Find the topics that most interest you, research the facts, outline the analytical pros and cons for what the different stances are and use that as the foundation for your opinion statements and arguments.

3) Exploit the modern Republican Party’s diversity. The party has power because it is essentially the equivalent of a multi-party system having created tenuous alliances to consolidate itself into power. The current relationships within the different aspects of the party are tenuous as each factions of the conservative right joust for ownership of the Republican Brand. Not all of their beliefs are compatible but they are willing to make compromises in order to have a share-of-voice to influence the increasing number of unaffiliated and independents who actually “lean” right but don’t formally align to the GOP.

The current coalition includes the likes of the Rockefeller Republicans of Moderate Traditions, post-Goldwater Southern Strategy GOP, the post-Reagan Moral Majority of the Religious Right, The post-Gingrich era Contract With America Scorched Earth Republican, the Bush-era Establishment Conservatives, the Bannon-era of the Alt-Right and so on. Or, to view it another way a coalition of pro-business organizations that are focused on economic initiatives, with mostly conservative Christian religious organizations that are focused on social initiatives, with anti-government Libertarian types that hate regulation and taxation, with neocons that are focused on military strength and global dominance, with a balance of purely anti-liberal anything-but-the-Democrats and their so-called political correctness. Or, to view it another way a bunch of single-issue voters that feel very strongly about eliminating Gun Control, or ending Abortion and Contraception access, or reversing Gay Marriage and LGBT rights, or gutting Taxes, or are anti-Union, or anti-Global Warming Environmentalists, and so on.

While some of their general ideas intersect there are plenty in which two or more aspects of the Republican coalition are in disagreement with one another and those are definitely exploitable especially in the context of painting the anti-regulation end being exploitively hedonist and mildly anarchist as being the opposite of the law-and-moral-order socially conservatives that desire an authoratarianesque state.

4) Use Facts. And check them twice. Don’t fall for the anti-intellectual, anti-Mainstream Media, anti-establishment, anti-research propaganda and conspiracy theories.

There are plenty of reliable, respectable, established resources that provide real first hand information. Use them.

There are plenty of third-party distribution channels that are reliable, respectable, established to consolidate first hand information for mass consumption. Use them.

There are plenty of researched, peer-respected and well established analysts and opinion columnists that can provide insight and reasoned conclusions about first hand information. Not all of these resources are going to be neutral. Some will have left-or-right leaning interpretations. Use them all.

  1. Stay Positive.

Division happens because people are made to be afraid. Fear is a strong motivator to work against what would otherwise be your best interests by creating boogy men out of anything and everything that isn’t you. The Republican Party weaponized this under Gingrich’s Scorched Earth tactics and continues to use it today. Look at the Republican led war against drugs, so-called Pro-Life war against abortion, the pro-policing war against terrorism, the war against poverty, the framing of gun rights as the war against the second amendment, the framing of religious rights as the war against the first amendment, the framing of taxes as the war against your paycheck and how scare tactics of everyone always being at war with something has poisoned the conversation based on deep-seeded fears.

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