asinine earworms: curing it

Nearly everyone gets random melodies stuck in their heads. People like me like to believe that the vastness of their musical knowledge can control to some means what it is that can get stuck there.

And, then, there’s times when I cannot.

There’s seemingly little rhyme or reason why it happens for many people, but I’m going to continue to make an attempt at trying to catalogue what I hear when I hear it and see what comes of the process.

My latest unconscious forced-listen is the Cure’s “Killing an Arab” from 1980s Boys Don’t Cry.

Now, honestly I did recently go through an 80s proto-alt kick that included the Cure. However it was really more of the latter decade and for the Cure specifically the more gothic stuff that crossed into the 90s scene. I really haven’t probably hadn’t spent much time with Robert Smith since my college days. Furthermore, I haven’t delved into Camus L’Étranger in well over two decades as well.

So, it’s not quite clear why suddenly this song decided to take up residence in my brain today. There wasn’t a clear event or anything that really should have inspired it – but it could be argued that many the constant conversation of immigration in the news could have conspired to pull the reference out.

If that’s the case I’m not sure I want to experiment with it staying there either in today’s socio-political environment. I’m sure me singing it would be misconstrued and I cannot image what people would make of my parrotting Padawan deciding to grab an exposed line from that chorus.

Also, for as great of a pop adaption of a literaly classic as the tune was I found that listening to the catalog of Cure singles from that era satiated my interest in the song within less than an afternoon. Making it the quintessential earworm experience – temporarily provides a good time, goes away before becoming insidious. But not something I’m interested in dwelling upon for the longer term…

Interestingly enough though, I feel obligated in listening to it to kill the ear worm a real desire to once again redelve into Disintegration yet again. I just got over listening to it ad nausum not that long ago and … yeah Lovesong, Lullyby, Fascination Street as well as the title track and Pictures of You, I could indulge in that again for a week or so at a time. The high school version of me would be so conflictedly happy.

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