MPHnoise radio: Midwinter Proves Hypothermic

It is fucking cold. godforsakenballsfelloffcoldlikesiberia #MidwinterProvesHypothermic
steers into the black iced skid of climate change with a metal punk hardcore insurrection of winter’s brutality by exploring music, philanthropy and history, Sunday, on KAOS radio Austin.

Weather is weather. Climate is climate. Learn the difference. And, for those of you who pose this is something new, and partisan: The modern forerunner to climate change was noted in the late 1800s by the International Meteorological Organization and substantiated by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine who’s original research dates back to the nineteen-teens as well as by the military scientists on both the allied and axis powers in WWII. The supposition of climate change as it’s modern definition originates with the World Meteorological Organization in 1966. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF – celebrating it’s 50 yr anniv, btw, and our non-for-profit showcase of the week for the philanthropic portion of the episide) and a number of other independent, not-for-profit organizations began their in-depth research during the hippy era. Ironically, most major energy companies did as well – finding similar results and then using their money to discredit the science they discovered much like Big Tobacco, major industrial polluters and others would during that same era.

This Elsa style Frozen arctic bitchslap exists as a not-so-subtle example of extreme weather as a result of climate change. We talk about the dumbed down version of the explanation (that likely still goes way over most deniers heads) during a show while celebrating music that is as extreme as the weather is.

That soundtrack includes, of course, beginning with the mighty Amorphis’ “Black Winter’s Day.” I cannot begin to tell you the love I have for the first few incarnations of Amorphis other than they achieved that iconic equilibrium one desires from the Nordics. It is sonic beauty incarnate and sets up the balance of the show so well.

The next couple of sets will explore the more introspective elements of dealing with the hypothermic with a brand new track by the paradoxical Paradise Lost followed by the emotionally wrought My Dying Bride, the blistering prog of Borknagar, the soaring swiftness of Oceans of Slumber, the misanthropy of Maelstrom, the junis of Envy, the of Goira, and deep, desolate woods emperipum of Agalloch.

You can reinvigorate your blood with some one-man, albeit slo-mo mosh during the dramatisism Insomnium, the harmonization of Immortal Souls, the progressiveness of Framework and the well, wintering, of Wintering before igniting your inner fires with the death-lights of Ordinance, the firestoking of Pyrrhon, the heatseaking of Dead Eyed Sleeper, the apoclyptic nature of Psychic Pawn and more.

And, we end things on a regal note with Herod who bring a soaring slaughter of ice and snow to the sonic pallet. If you don’t know their output, this long, cold winter is as good a time as any to become familiar.

So, If that doesn’t sound invigorating enough to join MPHnoise for this Sunday evening than maybe that long on the fire is giving off some kind of deadly gas, or set your wold aflame or some other cold weather emergency is more important than being awesome. If that’s the case, good luck, if not, fuck you, freeze to death – I gave you a way out, you chose … poorly.

Playlist and selected KAOS radio Austin cue notes:

Amorphis “Black Winter’s Day” Tales from the Thousand Lakes

Paradise Lost “The Longest Winter” Medusa (2017) (cue :24)
My Dying Bride “a cruel Taste of Winter” the Dreadful Hours
Borknagar “Winter Thrice” Winter Thrice (bleed ending over)
Oceans Slumber “Winter” Winter (cue :12)

Maelstrom “Winter Snow” Change of the Season (cue :40)
Envy “A Winter Quest for Fantasy” Split(bleed ending over)
Gojira “Born in Winter” L’Enfant Sauvage (bleed ending over)
Agalloch “Ghosts of Midwinters Fires” Marrow of the Spirit

Insomnium “Winter’s Gate, part 1” Wintersgate (cue 1:00, watch abrupt ending)
Immortal Souls “Wintermetal” Wintermetl (start early)
Framework “Deadheart of Winter” a Wolrd Distorted
Wintering “Hibernis Rex” Darkness Driving Darkness (2017) (cue :30)

Ordinance “Winter Canvas” the Ides of March
Pyrrhon “the Parisite in Winter” the Mother of Virtues
Dead Eyed Sleeper “Winterdammerung” Gomorrh
Psychic Pawn “Catalystic Winter” Decadent Delirium (watch long ending)

Herod “Winter’s Bane” For Whom the Gods May Destroy


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