Monday mix: Monster Pumpkin Heaviness pt. 2

#MonsterPumpkinHeaviness pt 2 was this weekend on KAOS Radio Austin and MPH noise radio resumed the resurrection of moshable demonic monsters.
The cliche got underway last week as we explored the exceptional evil that metal, punk and hardcore has to offer. After all, if the genre is going to be called satanic by Tipper Gore and company it might as well live up to its billing.

Honestly, the show half-programs itself as there really is no shortage of references to monsters, demons, beasts and Satan itself, but that’s also the exceptional challenge of doing such a show, since something especially sanguine will always miss the cut.

Opening the show, we explore evil from multiple perspectives once again, this time courtesy of Type O Negative interpreting the mighty Sabbath’s namesake song, Black Sabbath, from the Satanic Perspective (because that extra dose of flame rising suffering was necessary?!?).

Moving on into the pits of true despair, we’re guided by Katatonia, My Dying Bride, Candlemass, Isole and other’s morose interpretations of demonic aspiration.

The temptress of tourture is being lured in before cranking the screws of sonic suffering and that comes from Blind Illusion, Mortification, Edge of Sanity, Hannes Grossmann, Vadar, Vastorbant. Testament’s Demonic Refusal also makes an obvious appearance and not only are Testa one of my all-time favorite bands but you’ll recognize this track as part of the show intro. Dyscarnate’s latest offering blisters the skin as well with “All the Devils are Here,” because of course they are, where else would they be.

Next, we’ll crank up the pain and sonic suffering by turning up the volume in the pit with the likes of Despised Icon, All Shall Perish, Upheaval, Hester Prynne, the Red Chord and more. Seriously, if you’re gonna do gutteral groans and pig squeals in the same song this is the perfect time to showcase it.

This, all while you learn about the origins of Satan and it’s influence on metal (hint: I’ve covered this on the blog before, metal music has roots in blues, jazz and classical, to name a few, and the crossroads obviously play a part in addition to the so-called “occult” lyrics that early purveyors like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and other late 60’s/early 70’s hard rockers drew from) as well as how you can bring special tricks or treats to kids who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take advantage of Halloween by supporting the not-for-proift ‘Ween Dream (

I do hope you’ll have the opportunity to tune in to Sunday evening and if you can’t, that you’ll hit up the archives for this and all the previous episodes at

make music satanic again: Horns in the air folks, horns in the fucking air
Here are the track list and some notes
Type O Negative “Black Sabbath, from the Satanic Perspective” Bsides (watch the song intro, bleed over show intro)

(watch long ins and outs on this set for fadeovers)
Katatonia “For My Demons” Tonight’s Decision (cue :06)
Isole “Demon Green” Throne of Void
Candlemass “the Sound of Dying Demons” Psalms for the Dead
My Dying Bride “Edenbeast” the Light at the End of the World (cue 1:20)

Blind Illusion “Metamorphisis of a Monster” the Sane Assylum
Mortification “Satan’s Doom” Mortification
Edge of Sanity “Demon I” Cryptic (cue :10)
Hannes Grossmann “Hail Satan” the Crypts of Sleep

Dyscarnate “All Devils Are Here” With All Their Might (2017)
Testament “Demonic Refusal” Demonic (cue :25 — hey look it’s the song the 6 6 6 in the show intro comes from!)
Vader “Send me Back to Hell” the Empire
Vastoberant “Into Devil’s Mouth” Catharsis

Despised Icon “Beast” Beast
All Shall Perish “the True Beast” the Price of Existence
Upheaval “the Goat Falls” Incubate the Wasteland
Hester Prynn “Dancing with the Devil” Black Heart Market (cue :09)
the Red Chord “Open Eyed Beast Attack” Prey for Eyes

Acidulous “Fight the Demon” Disorder (2017)


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