Woah, Woah, Woah

It is impossible to catalog all the fun and inspirational things the Padawan does or all the milestones they are achieving. I just don’t blog often enough any more which is a shame, as there’s probably about three readers that would appreciate it.

Music is a big part of the Padawan’s youth experience thus far. It’s ubiquitous – they sing, we sing, music plays at day care, in the car, around the house either on the stereo or because the toys have music settings.

Happy Birthday is still the fave but we also have the A,B,C song beginning to go into singing rotation too. At least up to the letter G.

So, today, we were singing A,B,C in the car and Padawan interrupts and vehemently states, “No A,B.” I forget what I said in reply but the response is, “No A,B, thank you.” I started to sing something else, one of our made up songs. To which I was interrupted yet again, “No please.” So I asked, “What would you like to sing?” All I got was, “No A,B, thank you.”

Not wanting to drive in silence and being the AM news stations signal suck in that area I popped on a Halloween-ish type mix and on came the Misfits.

That’s what Padawan wanted.

For the entire Misfits song it was “Woah, Woah, Woah” from Padawan. Not in tune (then again, sometimes neither is Danzig) and rarely in time either. But that’s the allure of them participating at this age. When the song ended the Woahs kept going, and going, and going for almost a full 10 minutes through AFI and Type O Negative and even after the mix stopped.


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