Monday mix: Monster Pumpkin Heaviness pt. 1

Allhallowtide is almost upon us and that means the resurrection of #MonsterPumpkinHeaviness with sublime chants of Six-Six-Six. Blur the line between good and evil with metal, punk & hardcore as if it was life and death with hymns of demonic monsters as we play into the cliche this week of KAOS Radio Austin at

Tonight we explore the music, philanthropy & history of some of the halloween folklore we take for granted while learning about how organizations like that stand up to the frights of modern, organized religion while eschewing the stereotypes of classic satanic debauchery. The importance of stressing both a multifaceted religious understanding and the need to separate one’s religious “belief” from secular law is truer than ever, particularly as showcased in the Satanic Temples work against Canonical Law and Bible thumpers.

Your soundtrack to the Samhain experience beings, of course, with Iron fucking Maiden. Because where else would you begin but a song that tells the tale of Satan from three different perspectives.

The beast’s blight comes in the form of modern moshers by Karkaos, with their grandly dark melodies and Kreator to frame the show with blackened thrash.
Meanwhile, the mark can be felt by the dichotomy of Darkane, Darkest Hour, Mors Principium Est, Before the Dawn, Once Human, Desecrate and more. Their approach is the sonic equivalent of lifting the veil between the living and the dead bringing the variety of vocal textures and diverse orchestrations.

While the torment of the mosh from Eloa Vadaath, Gigan, Phaze I, Atheist, Opeth, Divinity will obliterate your will with a brutal approach to composition style that blurs the experience of good and evil with a notch towards the the war between with blistering attacks on your inner being.

Finally the razing of your soul comes from the trickery of Rite of Passage, Iced Earth, Judas Priest, Anthrax and more as the balance of treasure and torment of your spirit becomes the trick you’ll be trying to comprehend all nite.

If you’ve ever missed any past year’s episodes of #MonsterPumpkinHeaviness you can pick them up at and more. So, please tune in past, present and in the future for week two (next week)…and remember, Per Bart Simpson’s interpreation of the “satan’s path” game “it’s gotta be good if it’s got satan on it” from S22 E4 treehouse 21
Here’s the track list and some show notes:

Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast” Number of the Beast

Rite of Passage “Angels & Demons” A&D
Iced Earth “Damien” Horror Show
Judas Priest “Demonizer” Angel of Retribution
Anthrax “the Belly of the Beast” Persistence of Time

Kreator “Satan is Real” Gods of Voilence (2017)
Darkane “Demonic Art” Demonic Art
Darkest Hour “Demons” Deliver Us
Mors Principium Est “Monster in Me” Dawn of the 5th Era
Arch Enemy “Demonic Science” the Root of All Evil

Karkaos “the Beast” Children of the Void” (2017)
Before the Dawn “Monsters” Soundscape
Once Human “Demoneyes” the Life I Remember
Desecrate “Art of the Devil” Of Death & Damnation

Divinity “Monsters are Real” the Singularity
Eloa Vadaath “the Sun of Reason Breeds Monsters”
Gigan “Mountains Perched like Beasts Waiting for Attack” Quazi Hallucinogenic
Phaze I “Double Headed Beast” Uprising
Atheist “When the Beast” Jupiter

Opeth “Demon of the Fall”


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