Your Punk Phase

Every “kid” goes through some kind of phase (I use kids in quotes because although the teenage rebellion phase is so cliche, lots of adults go through lots of phases too – hello midlife crisis cliche). It’s part of the experience of learning who you are and of growing into who you will become.

So, I can’t usually damn anyone who might have experimented at some point with one of the sub-genres of music I adore only to move on from it at some other point in life. Growing up it wasn’t uncommon to see other kids go through goth and emo and grunge and ska and punk phases. They’d don whatever the uniform of the time was, probably procured from Hot Topic in the mall, and take on the life and personality of the counter-culture they were trying out.

For many, it was a combination of curiosity and peer pressure and rebellion. They did it to fit in and to stand out. For some it became a lifelong obsession while most just passed through. Many look back on those years with a combination of confusion and quaint longing. But most, also took with them life lessons that just don’t come from many other places.

Which is what makes a revelation like Ivanka Trump’s so-called punk phase that much more aggravating.

Seriously, we’ve all had that shit stage of our maturation and musical journey. The one that we probably wish we didn’t

But, the explanation of her punk phase is kind of hard to swallow not because it’s hard to imagine someone growing up so in the lap of luxury to ever have had either the motivation to be punk but because of her actions now being so anit-everything punk is in her life now.

It’s like, are you trying to build street cred?

Or, are you trying to show how you’ve outgrown the counterculture in some way of showing maturity?

Or, are you poking fun at your youth?

Or, poking fun at the youth of today?

As someone who was “punk” maybe without knowing it during my skater and bmx phase or someone who became punk in my post-grad years or someone who aspires to be punk still as a parent there’s something inherently insulting to the idea of having a “phase” out of what is a legit socio-political lifestyle and then use it as some kind of social cache against itself.


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