Monday mix: Misjustice produces hate

Misjustice is a weird word. It’s a euphemistic way of talking about the miscarriage of justice in a way that an injustice doesn’t quite capture.

#MisjusticeProducesHate looks at one of the all-time misjustice scenarios, the Dreyfus Affair where Captain Alfred Dreyfus was falsely accused by the French Third Republic of treason in 1894. Despite Ferdinand Walsin Esterházy being identified as the real culprit, Dryfus’ situation had become so political that the case against him wasn’t resolved until 1906 despite all the evidence demonstrating his innocence.

These kind of so-called state mandated cover ups are generally considered conspiracy theory but false accusations are quite commonplace and there are myriads of examples in the US Justice System of Police, District Attorneys, Judges, Wardens and others abusing their authority by all kinds of illegal manners. It was so prominent at one point that German immigrants in the US, around the same time as Dryfus himself was facing false accusations, ended up banning together to form a legal defense against such claims. This group would eventually become what we know as which seeks to provide legal representation to the under-represented.

Our look at the so-called Justice System comes through he eyes of metal, punk and hardcore which all have a unique relationship with it (mostly antagonistic, as you well might have guessed.

We’ll experience the new track, “Prison Skin,” by Persofone with it’s progressive antagonism. Then we’ll double down on the violence with the likes of Beyond Creation, All Shall Perish, Cognitive before putting your ears on trial with the likes of Obsidium, Obsidia, Capharnaum , Cephalopod, Summer Dying, Zonaria and Your Memorial

IF you want more Music, Philanthropy and History in the Mosh Pit Hell you can always check out the archives.

Sam Black Church “Disjustice” Unincorperated

Agnostic Front “Liberty & Justice” Liberty & Justice for… (cue :25)
Sick of it All “Injustice System” Blood Sweat & No Tears (cue :09)
Earth Crisis “Night of Justice” Demo 93
Hatebreed “Beholder of Justice” the Rise of Brutality
Suburban Scum “No Justice” Hanging by a Thread
Nausea “Falsely Accused” Condemned to the System

Persofone “Prison Skin” Aathma (2017)
Beyond Creation “Injustice Revealed” the Aura
All Shall Perish “Day of Justice” the Price of Existence (cue :01)
Congnitive “Haunted Justice” Deformity
Gigan “Imprisoned with Duality” the Order of the False Eye

Obsidian “High Crimes & Treason” Into Oblivion
Capharnaum “the Scourge Trial” Fractured
Cephalopod “Prisoner” Materalization
Summer Dying “Trials of Life” One Last Taste of Temptation
Zonaria “Face my Justice “Arival of the Red Sun
Your Memoial “Trial & Triumph” Redirect (cue :19)

Eternal Deformity “Crime” Frozen Circus
Shocker X “Justice Next Time” Justice of Chaos
the Agonsist “the Trial” Five (cue :28)
the Defaced “Imprisoned Insolence” Anomoly
Tracedawn “Justice for None” Tracedawn
Anacrusis “Injustice 2010” Hindsight (cue :11)

Iron Maiden “the Prisoner” the Number of the Beast (cue :25)


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