Monday mix: Massively Profuse Heat

Fan the flames of a good mosh & burn things up in the pit as we phoenix #MassivelyProfuseHeat for this week’s show theme.

On this day back in 1871 the midwest was burning: the Great Fire of Chicago, the Peshtigo Fire, the Port Huron Fire, and the fires in Holland & Manistee, Michigan. A combination of drought, prevailing weather conditions and a bit of human carelessness caused one of the largest regional conflagrations on record with a combined death toll likely ~3000.

Fastforward to 2017 and once again America is burning, this time the nearly 10,000 separate fires range up the west coast from California to Washington and then across the Canadian Boarder States enveloping millions of acre leaving an ash cloud visible in the Atlantic Ocean at one point. What can you do? Well, for one, apart from remember the immortal words of Smokey the Bear, but for another, it is to support volunteer fire fighters — be them from your town or one of the volunteer special forces companies that are deployed for these kind of unique events.

While you are researching how to do do that, let MPHnoise provide you with a rip roaring soundtrack:

We’ll kick things off with Deep Purple’s “Burn” because were else would we?

New barn burners by Xandria and Incendiary are the tip of the flame in modern while classic Sick of it All, Amon Amarth, Edge of Sanity, Broken Hope, Ignite and Primordial provide a smoldering foundation.

In the middle you’ll get a warm and fuzzy feeling from the likes of We are the Fallen, Within Temptation, and In This Moment while feeling the blisters of Skeletonwitch, Malefice, and Shadows Fall.

An ashen experience awaits with Black Breath, Firespawn and Sepervation while you’ll feel the fires encircling with Xibalba, Pennywise and Anti-flag. And there’s still more a few sparks to ignite your surprise.

So, tune in this Sunday evening to KAOS Radio Austin for #MassivelyProfuseHeat and if you missed last year’s episode or just want to catch up on the past Music, Philanthropy and History in the Mosh Pit Hell you can always check out the archives.

Here’s some show notes and the playlist itself for the episode:

Deep Purple “Burn” Anthology

Xandria “Burn Me” Theatre of Dimensions (2017)
We Are the Fallen “Burn” Tear Down the World
Within Temptation “Let Us Burn” Paradise
In This Moment “Burn” Blood

Incindiary “Still Burning” Thousand Island Stare (2017)
Suburban Scum “Watch it Burn” Ultimate Annhiliation
Xibalba “Burn” Haste la Muerte
Sick of it All “Burn ’em Down” Built to Last
Anti-flag “Cities Burn” for Blood & Empire
Pennywise “City is Burning” Unknown Road
Ignite “Let it Burn” Our Darkest Days

Skeletonwitch “Every Rotton Corpse Shall Burn” At One With
Malefice “Horizon Burns” Entities
Shadows Fall “Burning the Lives” Threads of Life
Unearth “Watch it Burn” Darkness in the Light
Amon Amarth “Burning Creation” Sorrow Throughout
Manifest “Burning Brimstones” And For This? (cue :19)

Black Breath “Burning Hate” Slaves Beyond Death
Firespawn “Imperial Burning” Shadow Realms
Speervation “In Torment the Burn” Consumed
Hateform “Burn to Feel” Sancturary in Abyss (end 4:32)
Edge of Sanity “Burn the Sun” Infernal

Primordial “the Burning Season” Spirit the Earth Aflame


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