Monday Mix: Monumental Principles Heeded

#monumentalPrinciplesHeeded might be the result of watching High Fidelity one too many times recently, or it might be because this week’s episode happens on October First & this got me to thinking about some of the ultimate firsts in metal.

Regardless, this past Sunday evening on KAOS Radio Austin, the entire episode was dedicated to some of the most epic “track one, side ones” ever released in aggressive music. It’s an extreme take of what epic means though and with only two hours even with some ground rules we won’t hit everything.
Some bands just rip right into the righteousness with all out aural assault resulting in a cranial kick so hard it knocks you out for the rest of the record. While, this brutal battering is pretty epic in its own right, we won’t hear any of these.

Some bands sample the shit out of all kinds of sounds building anticipation through expectation. You think you know what’s coming as the clips cautiously lead you along till the caustic chaos of the song actually consumes you. While this is pretty artistic and epic in its own right, we won’t hear any of these either.

Some bands craft true-to-form intros. These individual pieces are perfect for lulling you in to the oncoming onslaught. Being individual pieces though, they typically have a story to tell of their own even though they may bleed into the second cut seemlessly. While that’s brilliant composition and epic in its own right, we won’t hear any of these either.

No, what we will get is first track epics that were crafted as being epic intros to their albums in their own rights. Complete contributions musically that include introductory passages that become the blistering blasts of opening tracks you know and love. These are the track one, side ones we will adore for the evening.

So what principle tracks are we to take warning of? In this case a fairly narrow band of metal since, you know, only two hours…

Let’s kick things off with a neuvo-classic and one of my all-time favorite intros from metalcore elites Most Precious Blood – yeah, it’s “Shark Ethic” because seriously, what other song belongs in this position? It’s a fucking one man mosh even during that intro.

Then, we’ll move onto classic thrash, a genre, of course, near and dear to my heart. Slayer’s “South of Heaven?” Check. Testament’s “DNR?” Check. Metallica’s “Battery?” Check. OK. that was easy. Throw in some new Kreator and and early Machine Head and so it shall be done.

Next, let’s got for a bit more modern interpretation leaning on the so-called melo-death vibe. In Flames “Jotum?” Check. Soilwork “Spectrum of Eternity?” Check. Amon Amarth “Deceiver of the Gods?” Check. Arch Emeny “the Enemy Within?” Check.

Shit this show seems to be writing itself. Maybe a little heavier? Death’s “Leprosy?” Check. Emperor’s “the Eruption?” Check. Maybe something else new? Elio Rigonat’s “Toy House” Check

Woah. That’s some epic shit, right? And, it’s not even the entire fucking show either!!!

So, what other firsts are included? A whole list of historical firsts on a day you’d never expect to have like 20 of them. Plus a way to support our first responders by learning about the USFRA as we keep the pledge to make the show music philanthropy and history.

So, I encourage you to check out the broadcast, Sunday night and many of the past episodes at and to keep your horns in the air.

Most Precious Blood “Shard Ethic”

Kreator “Gods of Violence” Violence Unleashed (2016)
Slayer “South of Heaven” SOH
Testament “DNR” the Gathering
Metallica “Battery” Master of Puppets
Machine Head “Davidian” Burn My Eyes

Nightrage “the Venemous” the Venemous (2017)
Shadows Fall “the Light that Blinds” the War Within
Before the Dawn “Wrath” Deadlight
Soilwork “Spectrum of Eternity” the Living Infinite
In Flames “Jotum” the Jester Race

Decapitated “Impulse” Anticult (2017)
Death “Leprosy” Leprosy
Obscura “Septuagint” Omnivium
Fallujah “Starlit Path” the Flesh Pervails
Emperor “the Eruption” Prometheus (cue 18)

Deus Ex Machina “A New World to Come” ANWTC (2017)
Amon Amarth “Deciever of the Gods” DoTG
Arch Enemy “Enemy Within” Wages of Sin
Becoming the Archetype “Epoch of War” the Physics of Fire

Elio Rigonat “Toy House” Egregor II (2017)


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