Monday mix: Mega Poured Helles

Oktoberfest begins Saturday, which means Sunday the 17th #MegaPouredHelles returns to the airwaves on KAOS Radio Austin with the annual German inspire edition of the show.

Prost ! Raise your stein to for the heritage of some of mainland Europe’s most influential exports pre-and-post wall era as we celebrate beer, brauts and bad-ass music brutality. Remember, this is the same region that forged some of the most recognizable composers of all time, so you know the metal, punk and hardcore is going to be something, well, unique!

Honestly, I didn’t grow up with much with the big guns of Teutonic Thrash. I am not the biggest power metal fan either. And, the Austrian art-rock movement kind of missed me too. So, how did this yearly tribute come together?
I have a HUGE respect for the scenes Germany has helped define and thus although I don’t have a lot of personal connection it’s hard not to be a metal fan or a beer drinker and not feel connected in some way.

Thus, we will breach your tympanic membrane with must raise your toast to Kreator, Syndemic, Bitter Atonement, the Hirsche Effekt for new knicker knockers. Delving into the archives of brewtal bastions there are, of course, Sodom, Destruction, Angle Dust, Fear My Thoughts, Heaven Shall Burn while the likes of Atrocity, Dead Eye Sleeper, Obsucra, Subconscious, and more burn your britches. To fill in the rest, I’m depending on you for your requests, but what I already do know is that there’s no such thing as a two hour broadcast that covers the entirety of the theme, which speaks to the rich history to select from….

There shouldn’t be any prowhitesupremcacy bullshit tucked in. If I let anything slip, by all means, let me know as I have a zero tolerance policy for that shitbaggery and I’ll fix it.

The rich history of what oktoberfest is can be followed here and for German American heritage I’ve covered a lot of German metal and history that you can reference in the archives here
So, I invite you to tune in this sunday evening for the show on

Crowns&thieves “Lifeless” Gravity

Scorpions “Crazy Word” CW
Helloween “I Want Out”
Blind Gardian “Mirror Mirror”
Dreamscape “Breathing Spaces” Everlight

Kreator “World War Now” Gods of Violence(2017)
Sodom “Beligerance” Decision Day
Destruction “Hate is My Fuel”
Angel Dust “Victims of Madness” Into the Dark Past
Primal Fear “the End is Near” Rulebreaker

Syndemic “Exileseeker” Annhiliate the I (2017)
Fear My Thoughts “Challenge” the Great Collapse
Soul Demise “Nature’s Bullheads” Sindustry
Heaven Shall Burn “to Harvest the Storm” Antigone

Bitter Atonement “Darker Times Ahead” DTA (2017)
Atrocity “Godless Years” Todessehnucht
Dead Eye Sleeper “Enagnamatic Conniption’ Through Forests of Nonentites
Obscura “Celestial Spheres” Omnivium
Subconscious “the Path of the Unskilled” Veil

the Hirsche Effekt “Lifnej” Eskapist (2017)


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