Prepping MPHnoise: War

Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong asked what it was good for.
Bob Marley noted there is War in the east, War in the west, War up north, War down south, everywhere is war
And, of course, the Exploited extolled We don’t need your war! with a little assistance from Slayer & Iced T.
Then again, ,etal, punk & hardcore have had more than enough to say about war – from Bathory & Burzum to Sepultura, Shadows Fall and System of a Down went with the simple one word title for their lamentations on human aggression.
#MemoralizingPatrioticHeroes ’17 will visit the many faces of war as we remember the fallen heroes of war for Memorial Day on MPH noise radio this Sunday evening.
In past years we’ve focused on soldiers, sacrifice and heroism but never on the act of war. As I sifted through my music library it was almost overwhelming to consider the vast range of interpretations heavy music has approached one of man’s oldest vice. I’m looking for requests, dedications, suggestions and otherwise for this year’s war focused show – if it’s about war and hopefully references such in the title it’s fair game. So have at thee.
And, in the mean time do me three favors.
1) check the comments for links to past years shows and listen to them
2) remember that this Memorial Day weekend is more than just BBQ, Bikinis and Beer. It’s about honoring the fallen lost in the course of battle. Take a serious and solemn moment to pay tribute to the soldiers as well as civilians, humanitarians and press corps killed in acts of war.
3) Watch this video
Oh, and don’t forget to please tune in to KAOS Radio Austin this sunday evening for the broadcast.


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