Stars and Scars column intro

A long, long while ago I used to write on occasion for a number of print and online ‘zines. DIY publications that were labors of love more than commercial successes for everyone involved. My contributions were primarily an outlet for me to continue my creativity discovered in college as a writer and editor while not having to adhere to a regular writing schedule or editorial board’s whims. It was a great experience then and I’m excited at the opportunity at reviving it again now.

Stars and Scars was a punk and emo zine put together by a former intern of mine who has more passion and devotion for the scene than almost anyone I’ve ever met. Her struggles sometimes were something straight out of the song lyrics she so closely related to and her ability to overcome was equally as inspired. The ‘zine ran for several years before going on sabbatical.

When she contacted me about reviving it both of our lives were in new and unique places. I was already old back them in a scene dominated by pensive teens so making a reprise now as a middle-aged father was going to be a huge step. One that I am more than both anxious and nervous to be a part of. But, it’s also a great opportunity to put into action an idea I’ve been kicking around since Padawan was born. One that I’m looking forward to exploring further … here’s my attempt at introducing the column:

Parents are in a unique role of being able to pass along preferences to their offspring. It’s an opportunity to educate and enlighten the next youth movement from where the previous left off. While many parents simply attempt to relive the glory days of their own youth, desperately trying to hold onto a bygone era pre-parenthood, my journey with my own Padawan is much different – at least when it comes to music. That’s because there are no glory days to my music consumption, and the genres and eras that influence me are as diverse as my everyday experiences with my little learner.

To capture those moments of shared musical enlightenment, I began documenting early on our joint listening habits. This column is my attempt at trying to take those first playlists and singular memories and craft them into something more meaningful than poorly scrawled notes on baby wipes, smears of spit-up on my hoodie, and other less glorified ways of keeping track of scraps of paper (I hope that was paper anyhow) in the nursery.

Fatherhood has forced me to take new, deeper, and more profound looks at the world around me. This is as much a musical journey of a dad rediscovering some of the lost memories of “growing up” as it is a father passing along their own music to the next generation.


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