Save Net Neutrality

Recently Tech Crunch posted an article These are the arguments against net neutrality — and why they’re wrong by Devin Coldewey

It’s a brilliant work of observational art.

I’m going to copy and paste here bits and pieces of the different conversations I participated in that the article spurred on both social media and through emails in the immediate aftermath of it’s posting:

Dismantling NN in the US is more a function of immediate quarterly profit maximization by greed-driven capitalistic status quo than it is about creating consumer friendly products that are better, faster and more reliable. Reducing NN isn’t going to evoke more competition or drive companies to innovate, it’s going to produce efforts to maintain as low cost a backhaul as possible for the majority of users while allowing an ability to charge an uber-premium for exclusive top end access. That’s not good for the consumer, for society, or for technology moving forward in the future. But, it’s damned good for short term profiteering.

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