Exercise your rights

Lack of physical exercise makes your muscles flabby.

Lack of intellectual exercise slows your brain’s processes and allows it to retain less.

Lack of exercising your rights cedes them and leaves you unrepresented.

I recently changed the masthead on several of my online properties to reflect the need stated in that last line. It was important for me to not only remind myself of my Civic duties to exercise my rights but to also remind others who may have forgotten or taken for granted their rights and the need to utilize them as well.

I came up with a simple, three point masthead motivation which reads as follows:

Exercise your First Amendment Rights:
freedom of speech, (and of the press;)
the right of the people peaceably to assemble,
and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Exercise your Suffrage rights:
Vote in any and all elections
Support any candidate of your choice without fear of retribution

Participate in the Political Process:
Run for office, even as an independent
Donate your time, your money & your abilities to the fullest legal extent


About thedoormouse

I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny: https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/about-thedmouse/
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