wfhwtf: week four

This is week four of the continuing journey of working from home. Actually, it’s been more than four weeks total, but for this leg of the journey it’s the fouring consecutive week.

You would think by four weeks in this would begin to become old hat. In some ways, the routine Padawan & I have created works really, really well – when it works. The morning breast feeding is followed up by sleepy time while my wife heads to work and I head to the computer to take care of the overnight emails and early videoconferences. The mid-morning feeding is followed by mat-time. If I have videoconferences it’s alone playtime if I don’t it is together-time on the mat. Either way, there’s usually a short nap while I work more then the mid-day bottle. Afterwards there’s usually a long nap which either side of is time in the chair which depending on which type of playtime the morning was we do the opposite this time if the meeting schedule allows for it. Then there’s the mid-afternoon bottle and that’s followed up with more mat-time which we rotate again depending on what we did for the last playtime and what mood Padawan is in. There’s usually some short nap in there as well before my wife returns home in time for the late afternoon feeding. We get lots of language time in – he gets to listen to the conference calls, I read emails aloud to him and think aloud explaining to him what I am doing. We do a lot of music listening throughout the day (see Padawan Playlists series) and, of course, get lots of other activities together between naps and bottles – all still while getting all my work done. It wouldn’t be possible without a lot of pieces falling into place, not the least of which is how awesome Padawan has been in acclimating to the schedule…

But, it’s more the things I learn about from him with all this time together that’s most exciting.

This week we learned he seems to like the idea of drums. A couple of mornings instead of mat-time we went downstairs and sat behind the drumset together. They’re still not old enough to really grip sticks or anything but it was more associating the cause and effect of striking things and them making sounds. I pulled out a super soft Mike Balter marimba mallet to tap the toms and cymbals with, removed all the pads so everything resonated nicely and began a really simple whole note tap on the highest tom. In awe with eyes wide open they let out a screech of joy. I went to the next drum. The same crazy eyed look of wonder as it went. Dropping down to the third, the floor tom, the arms went flailing. I leaned him forward so he could touch the drums himself, let him try to hold the mallet handle, let him touch the yarn top to get the different sensations of what everything is. He wasn’t too into trying to bang himself though, so I went back to playing simple beats between the different drums and cymbals for about 10 minutes when the thrill began to wear off.

Edwin the Elephant is one of those blankies with a head sewn into the center so that it is also like stuffed animal and it’s Padawan’s new best friend. Can’t say enough about how good of a calming influence it’s been for them so far.

Standing up is way better than tummy time! They’ve been outgrowing tummy-time over the last few weeks. Last week the preference was sitting up, but even now, in a sitting position they want to try and stand. Granted, they don’t have any of the coordination or balance yet so it takes a lot of help from one of us to keep them upright but they prefer the attempt at standing for physical activity above all else. We still do tummy time because there’s no substitute for the huge smile that goes with turtle head movements but the interest wanes really quick and when frustration sets in minutes after starting the quickest cure is to stand them up.

They say that breastfeeding can sometimes lead to poop-less days for some babies and Padawan apparently just figured that out. What was once a poop schedule that neared Swiss precision has lapsed into losing track of how many diapers it’s been since the last big one. Patience is a virtue when dealing with pent up poops to be sure. While they never really seem uncomfortable in having only strings of farts and lots of pee, when they do finally go it is a Chernobyl sized hazmat disaster to clean up. Woah nelly. That shit’s insane.

Slimer could be a new appropriate nickname. I’m still partial to Padawan but seriously, they are becoming a drool-o-matic slime source that makes a St. Bernard look dry. They soak through bibs. And clothes. And burp clothes. And pretty much anything else short of Upsalite. There’s speculation that it is the early stages of teething based on other characteristics as well. But that’s no consolation to the slick, slimey path of drool-laden destruction left in their wake.

And, on that note: fists really do fit in big mouths. While the whole fist in the mouth thing likely started out as an attempt to learn about their own body parts lately it’s taken on an entirely different look. This isn’t merely trying to attempt to understand the geometry of swallowing one’s fist we’ve seen before, it’s more like Padawan and a beaver merged and now it’s all about how to gnaw at as much of the fist as humanly possible to insert – and it’s nearly the whole thing if we let them try hard enough.

How does one survive the sliming beaver? Superman! It’s our latest take on the helicopter and it’s hilarious carrying them around the house held up high soaring through the sky from room to room for almost everything.

So, the first month is done. There’s actually not too much time left, unfortunately for us hanging out alone during the day. But, I’m super grateful for the time we’ve had so far!


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