Padawan Playlist: Dadtime Vol.2

So the aural adventure continues and I am going to make the most feeble attempt at catalog the creative listening that happens while I’m working and Padawan is joining me

Truth be told, I don’t preplan or manipulate our listening for the most part. It’s not much different than what would be my normal routine is so as much as this is some insight into what Padawan is growing up with, it’s also somewhat I deeper dive into my own, well, you pick the adjective now…

Bonjour Francaise!

Gojira – Fuck, This band rules and the new songs are, well, um, BRILLIANT. If you can’t appreciate what they are doing you’ve missed out. Lots of bands from Mastodon to Opeth to Amorphis to Cynic (to name but a very few) have approached development in unique and unexpected yet seemingly natural ways and I feel Gojira is along that same lineage of shattering your expectation. Padawan didn’t show much response one way or another… for what it’s worth.

Lonewolf – honestly, had it not been for working on the French metal show I would have yet again overlooked this band. But, one listen to the title track off the new record and I was knee deep into their catalog and enjoying every minute of it. If there was a question about the Motorhead impact on Padawan, this solidifies it – they don’t know WTF to do with this sound… ok, point taken.

Anomie – OK, I love this band. I know I was a latecomer to them after they’d already broken up for a half decade or so, but so what. It still is some of the most complex and challenging emocore/screamo stuff ever created. When we talk about Padawan picking up the vibe of a room, when Anomie came on I lit up and it was obvious that they were reacting to me getting excited. Maybe they’re going to associate some of the sound of Anomie with me being exciting? Who knows but it made loving this band that much more gratifying in every moment we shared together.

Zaz (Isabelle Geffroy) – She’s another one of those quirky singer-songwriter alternative types

Gorod – Technical old skool brutal death metal is what it is, Gorod stretch that about as far as one can take it and still be who they are. I like them, I’m not sure Padawan knows what to do with any tech/prog death yet but to their ears anything that’s not parentally made up (and believe me, we definitely fall into “progressive” category” in our approach) is probably good too…

Claude Debussy – Oh, I could go on and on about the romantic and pre-modernist composers I adore especially from France but what good would it do? Their individual contribution are always noted but unlike the German, Austrian, Italian, Russian and other schools the French just don’t have that same comparative era respect. alas.., I’ve known this for years, maybe early appreciation breaks the cycle

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