WFHWTF: Week Two

Well, week two was interesting with Padawan and work clashing quite a bit along the way. Hey, if it were easy every single parent and dual-partner working household would have this shit figured out by now.

For me it’s been a battle in 30 minute increments. OK, maybe a little exaggeration we can call another blog post. But, what I’ve learned is to really become reliant of writing things down, using timers and reminders, and although everything has a schedule being fluid enough to have a cushion of about 30 minutes either way — because you just never know.

However, this is about Padawan and what they are teaching me about our relationship and here’s what I gleaned from this week

Padawan definitely is opinionated. And, exactly like their parents has no problem expressing dislikes and likes alike. You can’t miss satisfaction or dissatisfaction and there really isn’t much in between, it’s that extreme.

They prefer sitting on the porch for their bottle. This is fine, as last early summer this was one of my favorite places for a cup of coffee in the morning when I worked from home on Friday. These days I sip poorly made lukewarm coffee with usually far too much molasses sludge at the bottom but those early feedings on the porch Padawan prefers over just about any other feeding till momma comes home,

They didn’t seem to hate having to listen to French metal for a week straight. We listened to other stuff too, but since I was working on the Marches Pour l’Honneur edition of MPH there was a lot of French metal on in the background and if you end up checking out the show you’ll find out how technical and progressive it is. There’s several studies documenting how metal and orchestral (classical) music have a lot in common (both musically and neuroscientifically) as well as how the complexities of certain types of music (particularly aspects of orchestral and metal) are very good for developing brains, so I will take NO criticism for the exposure to metal en masse this week – you have a problem read my past posts. Never mind my heritage is French!

Padawan thinks belly drumming Gene Krupa during diaper changes is the new greatest thing ever! Yeah, this will get a post of it’s own.

Geometry is a challenge – Padawan has discovered their hand, and mouth, and everything else to explore about their body and the latest new craze is to try and determine what exactly does fit in their mouth. Right now, we know it’s about three knuckles of a fist, but is that really right? Only one way to find out … try jamming more up in there till frustration causes pouty-lips. Someday, it’ll happen!

And they would take a visit from Nanna any day because it means many walks during the day over the one we try and take…

I’d say week 2 together was pretty solid too!


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