Foot Claps!

The process of bodily self-discovery for infants is quite interesting. Padawan has spent the better part of the last few weeks focused mostly on its hands and specifically trying to fit them completely in his mouth. Geometry is against him, but he hasn’t given up hope for the perfect knuckle sandwich.

Recently though they took notice of their feet. It began after tummy time which usually ends at the point of frustration. To alleviate some of that stress we usually do this little sit up routine that padawan seems to love. The neck and core are still developing and after all the work of tummy time sitting up isn’t always entirely stable, so when they began to drift forward their hands where already outstretched and when fingers met toes it was shock and awe.

There’s no way to really describe the confusion on their face at the experience. From there it was a lot of reaching down and leg kicking and more crazy eyes. Mostly, I just let them discover for themselves through all the spastic movements. As the novelty wore off though I didn’t want the moment to subside so I grabbed padawan’s feet. Unlike all the other times I’ve ever done that, this time was like hitting the reset button on the moment.

And, because there’s no way to not be goofy with padawan when you see that basking shark sized smile I spontaneously decided to do foot claps with him by pressing the soles of his two feet together. Cliche’ alert: Oh. My. God. That same thrilling look that had just left their face returned and them some.

Padawan was completely overjoyed with the idea of the foot clap itself. Add in some big open mouth oooohs from daddy and it was completely over the top.

Over the next few days we continued to do foot claps whenever the mood struck, particularly after any kind of foot play itself.

It’s even become part of our listening to music routine. No, seriously, it’s a riot. We foot clap to lots of things. Hand claps? How could you not? Oi? Absolutely. Bass drops? Bring it! (complete with some extra big leg movements to go with it). At first, I wasn’t really sure if Padawan was making any kind of connection between the sound and the movements, and I’m not still so sure now, but the single biggest response? The dah(-dah) dah(-dah) dah intro portion of Metallica’s “For Whom the Bells Toll” underneath Cliff’s bass “solo.” And, for three days now it’s been a replicable occurrence, albeit still likely a coincidence. Padawan might just be a headbanger after all.


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