Padawan Playlist: Dadtime Vol.1

Up till this point the Padawan Playlist series that I’ve posted as been more, or less, the actual “playlist” we’ve listened to, Not too disimilar to how one would program a radio show like MPHnoise in this house…

This is going to really cover a more general conceptualization of what we’re experiencing to in broad brush strokes. After all, in a given 8 hour day there’s only so many hours of aural idiocy to go around and that will include both our listening and in some cases my inept idealization of parodies, melodies and dadicies. Hey what else do you want coming out of this craziness?

Well Hullo England:

Motorhead – Everything Louder than Everyone Else – I’m not a huge Motorhead fan. I like their “hits” I hate their redundant monotony. When they’re on, they’re on. I was in the mood for it – apparently the Padawan didn’t know WTF to do with it though.

the Beatles – some random catalog collection of Sgt Peppers, MMT, Yellow Submarine & Abby Road – routinely this will come up in my listening and for the most part it was nice background for both of us. Likely I won’t mention it again unless something special happens.

Iron Maiden – Piece of Mind, Powerslave, Somewhere in Time – Again, routinely this comes up because, well, it IS how I became metal. Again, it was nice background for both of us. Likely I won’t mention it again unless something special happens.

Skunk Anansie – I fucking love this band. The new album? Oh, it was in there because there are Charlie Big Potato moments that make me really stomp and yet it’s soulful and melodic and tearful moments too. I love the ride their songs take me on. Tough to tell if it resonates with Padawan, but having SA can’t be a bad thing.

Lilly Allen – Only one record came up (twice mind you) but there’s enough solid tracks on It’s Not Me that hearing it seemingly on repeat during the week without even trying was pretty cool. More than likely, this stood out for me because it was important to, well, me.

Black Sabbath – the Ozzy years – yeah well, it was more, or less, the “hits” from four records, so don’t act surprised. It’s enough doom and dystopia to fill a lifetime and enough thick globular riffs to match nearly every post-bottle spit up causation/=causation again.

And, then there was other stuff too that stood out because I totally wasn’t trying to make a British list, it just so happened that the artists and songs I remembered at the end of the week were mostly Brits when they weren’t these three:

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