WFHWTF: Week One

Spending between eight and ten hours a day with the Padawan alone is an eye opening experience.

Up till this point, it’s mostly been spending a few hours alone together while my wife was out running errands or providing her with a prolonged mid-day nap. The first week or so I worked from home and then it was sporadically working from home since then. This past week she returned to teaching high school kids science at a Title 1 school downtown and I’m attempting to do the work-from-home while ensuring the padawan is taken care of.

It is a challenge I’ll definitely cover in another post, but this will be the inaugural WFHWTF post, aka working from home what the fuck?! A collection of insights and interesting moments that happened while managing to try and balance the two intersecting responsibilities.

There were some good learnings I took away after week one that got put into use.

Namely, pre-prep everything. Have the next bottle ready to be warmed. Have the next diaper ready to be put on. Have the next outfit laid out. Have the extra burp cloth in your back pocket like the cliched snot rag our grandparents carried just in case. But it’s more what Padawan taught me about experiencing life with them that this is about:

Padawan can’t sit still, just like his dad. Literally, if not sleeping they have the attention span of a gnat. There’s just soooooo much to do, to explore, to require daddy’s attention.

They can fist-bump … they love the animation to goes with it. A whole separate post covers this discovery

Padawan rides in a shoulder sling when we explore the outdoors and LOVES it. Eventually, our outdoor adventures should become a post of their own but be it just walks around our small woodland property or down to the trail at the lakes they adore the experience.

They also aren’t fond of NY humidity but doesn’t mind the rain that comes with it – the latter was actually kind of a surprise since we got caught in two showers and instead of tears there where squeals of excitement. Probably is totally different in a downpour.

They enjoy flirting. It is a gender agnostic experience. Pretty much any human that comes along and pays any mind to Padawan they return favor in multitudes. It’s hilarious and quite a contrast to their parents

Padawan doesn’t know what to make of Motorhead. You would have had to see the face of confusion when “Ace of Spades,” “the Chase is Better than the Catch” and “Bomber” each came on during our listening.

Or his dad’s ability to dress him (correlation/=causation). There’s one picture of day one where the dark grey “web crawler” spider man/tech dude onsie was matched with a stripped light grey & white pants. Look, there was a need for clothes and not a lot of options in arms reach. The picture of his crazy eyes in the outfit definitely prompted commentary and criticism. I promise, I did do better at planning as the week went on. Contrary to my sister assertion I really can dress myself, so dressing Padawan isn’t that much more difficult

Hey, I’d call that a good week, right?


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