the fist bump

It is pretty amazing how much the padawan is changing from day to day. Not just growing in inches and pounds (or centimeters and kilograms as it might better be) but in knowledge as well. Nearly everything is a new surprise to be enjoyed at this point and there’s a newer, keener awareness of the world that continues to develop through this process of discovery.

And, through this padawan is dragging the inner 10-week old out of daddy. Sometimes much to the chagrin of my wife when those kind of moments transcend my time with the padawan.

Lots of things make them smile and coo but it’s a rare event eliciting the combination of the wild, wide eyes of shock and awe combined with the wide open, all-gums smile mouth and piercing, shrill attempt at a laugh. Stumbling upon such a chain of events is likely almost as gratifying to us witnesses as it is to them.

Discovering the fist bump this week was one of those special moments.

Many times during a diaper change padawan will clench their fists in the air so the other day I decided that after a F1 Pit Crew speed diaper changing they were perfectly cooperative for they deserved a little reward so I began with a basic fist bump. When our two sets of knuckles met in mid air the padawan’s eyes lit up.

So, of course, I repeated the action but this time I whistled, in that hi-to-low bomb falling kind of whistle till our fists met. They went crazy eyed at the sound and initial visual of our fist coming together but to add to the drama I “blew up my hand” and then shook it around similar to like when we do jazz-hands with him. They literally shook his head in awe, mouth gaping and he gave off the loudest screech of excitement.

After a few times the thrill wore off, but for those magical moments as they first discovered the fist bump there was no way one couldn’t be thrilled with them.

The next diaper change went smooth so we repeated the whole process again and just like the first time through they were excited at it. And then we did it again. Sometimes I’d throw him a curve and change up the whistle or the flight path of the incoming bump. The more creative, and goofier, the better.

By the time my wife got an opportunity to do a diaper change I could hear her from the other room saying something to the effect of, “your fist is in the air already? are you expecting one of those special fist bumps daddy gives you?” The reaction wasn’t quite the same when she tried it but the two of them have their own little rituals already so it wasn’t a big deal that the response different.

And, that’s another aspect of how this whole process is interesting – how certain interactions are highlighted to specific people, like the fist-bump with daddy and all the uniqueness that is becoming our relationship that surrounds it.


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