Nose Noise!

There are a lot of “firsts” at this young age in padawan’s development. Some are way more fun than others.

For example: First time they wiz all over the changing pad, the walls and the unfortunate person in charge of swapping diapers out – not fun. First time they smile – exceedingly fun. First time they shit in the bathtub while getting clean – definitely not fun. First time they discover their hands are functional components of their body – absolutely very fun.

So, recently when helping train the padawan on depth perception during playtime I decided to tap them on the nose. The wide-eyed reaction looked to be somewhere between shock and awe and the subsequent smile encouraged me to try it again.

The next time I added a sound effect – the “meep meep” of the Roadrunner (Chuck Jones & Michael Maltese’s creation for Warner Brothers) and the reaction was absolutely priceless joy. I wouldn’t even know where to begin in describing the entire thing from the eyes to the smile to the cooing and giggling to the hand gestures.

So, of course, I repeated it again to the same overjoyed reaction. And, again and the response just got bigger and my wife joined in and it became bigger still. The three of us were laughing to the point where I almost couldn’t get the “meep meep” out anymore when tapping the padawan’s nose.

And, then, we tried to film it for posterity’s sake.

Big, big mistake. Every time we try to capture one of these moments on film or video padawan decides that is the exact moment disinterest sets in. Abruptly, like flicking a light switch the whole encounter ended abruptly. It’s totally fine, we didn’t need it filmed the memory will be quite lasting itself in it’s complete silliness. And, it served as a reminder that we can just live in the moment of experiencing things – they don’t all have to be documented (though, really, this one would have been great to share).

This morning though, briefly bringing back nose noise was great fun. And, no camera required. Just cries of laughter.


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