Quip: dots

There is a lot of literature revolving around infant’s exposure to speech and their later development of language skills so we are constantly talking to our padawan. Some of it is pretty inane, like describing pretty much everything in every new place we visit. In some ways it’s also proven to be very calming and soothing for the padawan in new environments, such as the doctor’s office.

As you would expect from a peds office, it’s fairly well decorated with fun stuff to keep little one’s entertained. In this particular room there are colorful dots all over the walls. Here’s how my one sided conversation went after describing the white, divoted ceiling tile that look like the moon and blue-ish robin’s egg speckled floors:

And, on the walls are dots. Do you know what dots are used for? They are used to separate the resource components of a URL. The unique name is separated from the TLD. Top Level Domains are like a suffix and different ones mean different things. See, this dot? It’s green and red and yellow. That’s like the Portuguese flag so it would be PT.  Portugal is on the Iberian Peninsula and once had an empire all over the world.  And this dot is only green and yellow. That’s like the flag of Brazil so it would be BR. Brazil was part of the Portuguese empire but is it’s own nation now. And this dot is red and white. That’s like the Canadian flag so it would be CA. Canada is the great white north and our neighbor. We were both part of the British empire way back when and it’s where awesome music comes from now.  And this dot is all red. That is kind of like the old Soviet Flag. Much of the Union became the Russian Federation, but that’s white and blue and red and there isn’t a dot like that here but the country code would be RU…

If that’s not the single dorkiest thing ever said to an infant I don’t know what is… but it seemed to keep the padawan occupied and the rest of us giggling as I kept running off random stuff about the dots.


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